Sunday, October 23, 2016


I am having odd dreams. I am seeing the seething hate of the Left come to the surface as the Headless Ones slowly realize they may lose, but I also see hundreds or perhaps thousands of potential whistleblowers contemplating finally going public. They have been scared and frightened. Obsma has cowed them into submission with threats of legal action, but they KNOW if Hillary gets elected she won't hesitate to use physical violence, and all her crimes will go unreported and unpunished.

I say: it's now or never. Do it now and do it en masse. Put the nails in Hillarys coffin or it's the nails in our democracy. And if you are suspected of dissidence, which will begin to include questioning anything, then you will be purged and punished anyway. Come public. Show the courage Assange and O'Keefe and others have.

These leftist ghouls are the Walking Dead. They are the embodiment of what morally and psychologically normal people fear. They are the enemies of that Goodness Hillary corrupts by claiming. For her a good people is a compliant people, a submissive people.

We can't let her win this election.

Edit: logistically, what are needed are personal narratives, and supporting documentation such as emails. Breitbart and InfoWars are likely to be most receptive. WikiLeaks may still be accessible too. Every little bit helps.

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