Saturday, October 29, 2016

White privilege is Original Sin repackaged

Shaming is a powerful tool for building social compliance, and compliance of course is necessary for centralized and coordinated control.

In the Bible, Adam and Eve are cast out of Eden.  All of humanity is marked with their sin.  We are born with it.  We cannot erase it.  All we can do is repent, and if we are Christians beg God to forgive us as we take shelter in his Son.

This is bullshit of course.  My God is a loving God, and that is very much the behavior of devious power mongers--of which humanity of course produces large numbers--but not a loving God.

But ponder how we are all being asked to apologize for things we haven't done, in response to crimes no living person remembers.  White guilt/white privilege is NOT about empowering black people.  Have you seen any plans to create jobs in ghettos?  Have you not yet realized that failing schools is the GOAL of Democrat policy?  Is anyone so stupid as to think an actual magical incantation that will affect real lives is achieved when groups of white people engage in shared self loathing?

It is about fomenting doubt in the minds of the people who would otherwise to continuing the Liberal American tradition of inclusion, personal responsibility, civic mindedness, and actual fairness.

In form, intent, and outcome, White Guilt is exactly homological to Mao's form of brain washing, where people were expected to confess to all sorts of crimes they had not committed, which were pure abstractions.  Crimes which would not have hurt anyone, had they happened, which they didn't.  The whole thing was, again, a type of Gaslighting, a method of psychological torture intended to break the core self, to infuse a perennial and inescapable sense of worthlessness and helplessness, and to do so in the service of psychopaths whose only longer term plan was destroying all longing from freedom, all curiosity, all love, all independence of thought, all creativity.  It was and is a purely destructive enterprise.  It takes everything good we are born with and crushes it.

All of this is evil.  It is pure evil.

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