Monday, October 10, 2016


I would like to say I am gratified to see Assange back in operation.

At the moment, Wikileaks is the spice of our political life.  Perhaps the leavening too.

I will be honest: my own personal development has reached the point that I think I can do useful things in the next few years.  I just need time.  America needs time.  Hillary is the end game for the globalists. They thought they had it with Obama, but he is basically a pussy, even with Jarrett pushing him, and he is lazy.

If she gets elected, there will not be IMMEDIATE change for the worse, but little things will pile up, one after the other, and eventually most Americans will start questioning their own sanity if the fail to buy into the heavy, heavy propaganda which will accompany her Presidency.

We need to be clear, these billionaires, in their numerous mansions, have time.  They KNOW, because they are intelligent, that Fabian tactics work, if not opposed effectively, and that all they need is time and consistency.

We need to deny them time and consistency as well as we can.

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