Friday, October 28, 2016

Words as incantation

As I meditate on the texture of Leftist discourse--which is to say, broadly speaking, anything said by a Democrat, or a university student or professor in the Humanities--it seems to me that words have acquired reality.  Words are acts.

But acts are not.  Acts are less important than words.  It is almost like anyone speaking in an unapproved way, who is seeking--not having been contented with the Foundness which was foisted on them in school--their own truths, is casting spells, is committing witchcraft, is enfeebling the very world with their horrific acts of treachery.

It is a primitive thinking, infantile thinking, as as I ponder it it has much in common with the "spells" cast by people suffering from Obsessive  Compulsive Disorder.  OCD appears highly structured--you have to tap yourself 16 times before eating, you have to wash your hands exactly 5 times after touching a doorknob, etc--but in reality that external order results from inner chaos.  It results from an inability to manage anxiety, and a constant need to "ground" it in concrete, controllable acts, without which the world will disappear.  You may not be sure that stepping on a crack will break your mother's back, but why chance it?  For all you know it is working.

This whole explosion of control-oriented behavior--did I read wearing a clown costume is ILLEGAL in some places?  WTF?--is the outgrowth of profound terrors, unresolved anxiety disorders.  It is NOT the result of clear, outcome-based thinking oriented around improving human life in any definable way.  On the contrary, it ACTS TO make people weaker, more pathetic, more needy, and more miserable.

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