Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I asserted that true Leftism inherently requires the sacrifice of a core self, in a way even the military--which offers an unchanging code it takes seriously--does not.  A soldier can say "this mission does not accord with our core values; or with the law", as the drone operators did a few months ago in asserting that our policies in Yemen were CREATING, not destroying terrorists, and who were punished by our government for it.

Superficially, though, Leftists are granted the "identity" of identity politics.  I read, in what seems too farcical to be made up, that Tinder lists some 37 "genders".  Each of these is an identity, are they not?  They are shallow identities, but they are labels one can use.

But who are you?  Is this really a question anyone can or should be able to answer in anything approaching a serious fashion with mere words?  You are THAT.  You are what you are, and limiting your description to what you do with your penis or vagina or mouth is absurdly reductive.

But people have been conditioned to accept this.  You are black.  You are white.  You are gay.  You are straight.  All have political consequences.

Our future, if we are to have a future, requires reconnecting with what is deep within us, and becoming multidimensional in awareness, as we clearly are in reality.

Voting for home

German Sociologist Ferdinand Tonnies proposed about a century ago that the distinction between "Gemainschaft" and "Gesellschaft" was a useful heuristic tool.  Both are untranslatable, but roughly Gemainschaft is a community of like-minded people who feel, ideally, a sense of mutual loyalty, who share beliefs and customs, and who feel a sense of belonging and home (Heim).

Gesellshaft would be more like the people you interact with on a business or professional basis.  It is the people at work, your clients, your suppliers, the Rotary, your country club, the people on the bus, train, or subway.

Modern academics have in some cases used these terms to describe what appears to be a gradual shift from being "nested" somewhere, from belonging somewhere, from there being something important that can be gleaned from where you are from, to a "thrownness", to feeling like a bob going up and down on an endless and unpredictable tide.

I was dreaming last night about being lost somewhere in a generic southern California town.  There were tourist shops and cheap watches, hot dogs, traffic problems, and a continual hustle and bustle.  I felt the unanchored quality of my own life.

By and large, this is not a problem in the small towns of America, the ones who elected Trump.  They are born, live--sometimes leave and come back--and die in the same small place.  They inherit beliefs and habits they pass on to their children.  This is Gemeinschaft.

Southern California--really all of California, which I know well and grew not to care for--is Gesellschaft.  Everybody is hustling for something.  They want money, thrills, fame.  It is not a place for nesting. Your home is an investment, your job a vehicle to wealth.  Everything and everyone has a price.  It is a truism that they are superficial, plastic.  This is because they have nothing else.  Everything else was drowned in the flood of people coming there wanting to forget their past lives and who they once were.

Leftism, as it exists in this country, is an answer to "Verworfenheit".  It is not a system for rectifying wrongs, or for ameliorating poverty and pain.  What it provides is a sense of certainty, a culture that is transferable across widely diverging groups.  It provides stability in a sea of change.  It soothes those aching with confusion about the future, about what is right and wrong, and about who they should be.  It asks of its votaries their core self, but in exchange it offers simple answers which have merely to be downloaded at regular intervals.  Each day, it will tell you who you are and what you believe, and this is a huge relief to people who have no other reference points, who are lost in the flood.

I do not think it overstating the case that this election was a resounding rejection by those who "cling" to traditional moralities based on principles and outcomes, of a creed based on nothing but mutable daily political tasks, ones quite often motivated simply by the need to mobilize hate in order to energize their base and keep them loyal. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Europeans and Zeno's Moral Paradox

One paradox was a runner, who ran halfway to the finish line, then halfway again, then halfway again, such that while in continual motion he never actually reached the finish line. He approached it asymptotically.

Morally, in Europe, you have one group of formally decadent people, who believe that the "truth is always in the middle", and another group of traditional, tribal people, who believe that the truth is absolute, knowable, and known with no defects by all adherents of the one true faith.

Inevitably, absent a moral renaissance--a rebirth, or reawakening--the center of gravity is Islam.  They give their first halving, by saying they will accept swimming pools and trains segregated by gender.  They give their second halving by telling their women not to "provoke" the wild beasts.  They give their third halving by allowing Sharia in some places.

At some point, they stand one foot from the finish line, and only self delusion and recollections of past glories prevents them from realizing they have lost all claim to virtue--to true Liberalism--they once possessed, and have instead sunk into the pit of a brutal creed hatched in the unforgiving deserts of 7th century Saudi Arabia, one which hates gays, hates women, hates diversity, hates "progress", and which demands of its votaries complete submission in all aspects of their lives.

We truly live in an extraordinary period.  The Islamists are TELLING us what they want to do, and nobody--or few--have the balls to stop them.

A different superpower

What if someone were blessed with the power to make everyone else around them more intelligent?  What if this person, themselves, were of very average intelligence, but that if they sat in a room with a group of people everyone's IQ went up 50 or 100 points?

Creativity is nothing more or less than seeing what was already possible.  Everything we have built in the modern world was physically possible 5,000 years ago.  It was the ideas and knowledge we lacked.  Everything we will have built 100 years from now, if we survive, is possible now.

So much human misery depends entirely on human stupidity, and emotional dysfunctions of various sorts.

And actually, this raises the question: how much better would thinking actually become, once we consider that emotional blocks of various sorts have long impelled highly intelligent people into functional stupidity?  Keynes was a genius, but he was also a fucking imbecile.  He sought to create a plausible veneer for the establishment of Fascist economics, and that in turn because he did not grasp the value of political freedom for the masses, in turn because he did not recognize the possibility of individual moral development, this in turn because on some profound inner level he was completely stuck in a primitive state emotionally, all his life.

Complex ideas

Complex systems are built from simply ideas.  The concept of "truth" might seem simple, but it isn't.  Justice, honor, loyalty.  All the Platonic Ideals: complex ideas.

And I want to clearly differentiate them from complicated ideas.  It is quite possible to have within ones own mind an absolutely uncomplicated clear conception of honesty, such as "always tell the truth.  Never lie, cheat or steal."  But in practice, all human persons, being mutable biological entities with differing genetics, differing environmental influences, and in my understanding of the world, differing soul histories, will SLIGHTLY amend these codes, and then they will also amend them in reference to their actual behavior.  Yes, tell the truth, but Suzie doesn't need to know just yet that Bobbie cheated on her.  Yes, tell the truth, but not that she looks fat in that dress.  Yes, tell the truth, but fuck the IRS.  Etc.

The principle in play certainly creates a system, and a relatively stable one at that, but one that is formally Complex.  Good philosophy has to incorporate within itself motion and time.

We know, now, that the world is Complex.  What I am waiting to see is the merging of philosophy, and specifically moral philosophy, with Complexity Theory. I have indicated in my Goodness essay and elsewhere how I see this working.  It is stupid and clumsy to say that abstraction are either true or not true (and I would include this abstraction, since obviously I do believe in truths, even if my approach is ideosyncratic): rather, what TENDS to be true is in general the phrase I want to see, what becoming a specific belief tends to engender.  As I put it: Becoming approximates essence.

Edit: Think of the color red.  Chances are very good, in my view, that if we could somehow measure the exact frequency of color you imagined, it would differ infinitesimally from the color I imagined.  This does not mean the color red does not "exist".  It can of course be defined somewhat scientifically, but even there, at what nanofrequency do we draw a hard line?

Practically, accepting the notion of approximate virtue brings back into play 90% of the moral certainly possible when it was thought virtue was somehow encoded in the universe, that it "existed" in some way outside of human decision paths as exercised within complex, moving systems.  And 10% doubt is a good thing.  "Trust yourself when all others doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too."

Moral relativism is of course a rejection of any form of firm morality, which makes such theorists future victims of those not lacking in certainty.  This is of course the present condition of Europe, which has morally disarmed itself.  It has no means of defending itself intellectually from those who do not brook difference or feel any need for compromise.

Yeah, and Jill Stein missed the ACTUAL deadline for a recount in PA

This election is done.  I at least am going to drop it.

I will say I thought about this, looked at the idea that her goal was to force the election to Congress, and thought about it some more, and my conclusion is that she is just a functionally stupid, very unserious human being.  She's a ditz.  She didn't think this thing through.  Seriously: who polls at 1% of the vote and goes to dozens or hundreds of campaign stops and says "we are going to win"?

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Trumo has won the election

By honest tallied--USA Today by this metric is fake news--Trump has 307 Electoral Votes. Even in the extremely unlikely event this is reversed by fraud in the recount to 380--10 for Wisconsin and 17 for Michigan--he still wins. To flip the results they need to come up with over 100,000 voted in Pennsylvania. I can see the Usual Suspects saying "100,000? Are you fucking crazy? We can add a few hundred here and there but a difference that big and a full blown investigation is s certainty and we are not going to jail for her, not now, for nothing."

And keep in mind all the Electors that matter for us are Republicans. Given that Trump is trying to make good with Uber-Never-Trumper Mitt Romney, and given his overall moderation thus far--one might even say wisdom and good sense--what peg do any residual Never Trumpets have to hang their hats on? What valid excuse can they offer for failing to perform their fiduciary duties?

And more generally, the lack of integrity and respect for our system--indeed, the FUND RAISING Jill Stein seems to be doing on the backs of mourning Hillary voters, to whom she is dangling false hopes--will almost certainly sour all but the most deluded, hard core Democrats on their own Party, AND on the Green Party. These are not serious people with substantive policies who love our country. That train left long ago. These are envenomed radicals who recognize no restraints or rules in the pursuit of power.

I suspect many people have defected and will continue to defect from the party of their parents and grandparents. It is no longer good enough that the Democrats were once the party of the New Deal and the working man. Their shift to both radicalism and complete functional indifference to what were their core constituencies is complete. Blacks can expect nothing. Working men and women can expect nothing.

We have literally transitioned from a prospect of never seeing a Republican President again to never seeing a Democrat again. We need a hack-proof election system, including national voter ID laws approved by the Supremes. We need to boot out a coupe million illegals and close the border, and with sound policy and economic growth, it's Republicans as far as the eye can see.

In this respect, we should strongly encourage the Dems to adopt Keith Ellison as their leader. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wet Work

John Podesta referred to "wet work" in one of his emails a couple days before Antonin Scalia's death, with that of course being a code word for assassination.  I thought initially "there is no way".  It seemed too far fetched.

But watch the three videos linked here.  They are amateur, but focus not on the delivery, but the content:

John Podesta seemingly had, and presumably has, obsessions with both cannibalism and young girls.  That is not right.  Would someone capable of putting a picture of cannibalism on his office wall--and who when asked about it say "it's better to be the one with the fork than the one being eaten", or something close to that--not be capable of being an accessory to murder?  Why not?

This stuff makes me sick, but it seems to be real.  When I talk of Cultural Sadeism, I literally think some of these people read Sade for ideas, and certainly for inspiration.  These people exist.  Do not doubt it.

And on that note, how is it POSSIBLE that world leaders are not disgusted by the decades long cruelty and repression Castro visited on the Cuban people?  They were enslaved, tortured, and put in boxes which they were forbidden by law to label boxes or to complain about.  They were forced to suffer in silence within a sea of eyes watching them.  The Cuban regime is horrifying, and so much worse than anything Battista attempted or even contemplated that any comparisons would be absurd.

Fuck Fidel Castro.  He is even now getting his just punishments.


The Left has made White Equivalency equal to White Supremacy.  Unless we are willing to "own" our sins--without any reference to our extraordinary number of accomplishments, including ending slavery, and inventing representative,  Constitutional government--and confess ourselves inferior, then we are subjected to vicious bigotry and hate speech, particularly by our self loathing own.

I'm proud to be a white man, and the descendant of our Founding Fathers, of Newton and Galileo, Einstein, Planck and Heisenberg, Shakespeare, Mozart, and Plato. I see no reason not to be proud.

Historically, it seems to be the case that Sub-Saharan Africa is the only major cultural area which never invented the wheel.  This seems to be the case because they invented slavery so early on, and thus had people to carry their shit, that they never really needed it.

Extraordinarily, many stupid young Americans seem to think white people invented slavery.  No: we ended it.  No other culture has objected to it, of which I am aware.  Even the Native Americans--many if not all of them--kept slaves.  And Muslims in large numbers are taking and keeping slaves even to this very day, not just in the Middle East, but in Africa and Malaysia.

The hypocrisy is astonishing

I read Jill Stein is collecting more, and yet more, money to ask for recounts in three States where there is no evidence of fraud whatever.  The closest count was in Michigan, where Trump won by more than 10,000 votes, and that has been counted twice.

This is unprecedented in the modern era.  Nothing like it happened in the 20th Century, and as I said, Gore only asked for a recount in Florida, where it was extremely close.

PARTICULARLY given that Hillary made a campaign issue out of accepting the results of the election, the hypocrisy stinks to the high heavens.  It is unbelievable.  At a minimum, she is not making public appearances telling people to go home and accept the election the way she said was right and proper when she thought it was Trump who would be doing the losing.

This whole thing is destabilizing, and the opposite of graceful reconciliation.  Jill Stein is showing herself a partisan, unpatriotic hack. I have had a few nice things to say about her.  I retract those.  She has nothing to offer anyone, if this is how she stands on "principle".  She is a shallow, disingenuous, self interested nobody.

And again, imagine if a different result occurs, perhaps by them stuffing unattended ballot boxes with fake Trump ballots, to enable them to fraudulently claim fraud? I think literal fighting in the streets, with real death tolls, is not beyond the pale.  We used the ballot box to fight our war, and we won.  To have it taken now for any reason will not be pleasant.  It will mean the government no longer belongs to the people.

These assholes should stop all of this right now.  It seems likely all of it is in any event useless, but it is certainly unprecedented, destabilizing, and the opposite of what THEY THEMSELVES proclaimed proper behavior.  Their lies are on full display for all to see.  No genuinely decent human being can any longer associate themselves with such a classless, disrespectful, whiny, contentious, criminal enterprise as the Democrat Party.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Fighting fire with fire

It's not at all impossible that Democrats can still ballot stuff enough boxes in these "recounts" to influence the election.  As long as they want to pull these bullshit stunts, I think Trump ought to target States he lost, like Virginia, and any other states where it is likely many illegals voted, and ask for recounts within the timelines allowed.  It is conceivable that the Democrats could still pull off massive fraud--and I want to point out they are the only ones who have ever, to my knowledge, been credibly accused of it--and get the votes they need after the deadlines for recounts have run out in other States.

I don't know all the details, but it is fucking obvious that these assclowns are doing exactly what would have horrified them if it had been done by Trump and his supporters, and they are doing something which has never been done in modern American political history.

My feeling is if they pulled it off somehow, many of them would die in the streets.  They think they are tough, but the people with combat experience and most of the guns will be filled with a rage that will not be quenched through pleas for calm, or fear of a law which will show itself as being useless and vitiated if we put Hillary in office.


It is astonishing to me--well, not really--that the same people who mocked conservatives for believing in rigged elections, and who excoriated Trump for refusing to say if he would accept the results of the election, are now doing all of the things they said should not be done, and they are doing it without a SHRED of recollection of propaganda memes they were repeating with enthusiasm three weeks ago.

What the Democrats have become really is emotionally and intellectually unwell. They are sick in their spirits.  Trump was honest: he said let's see how things turn out.  Hillary was DISHONEST, in that she said absolutely, categorically she would accept the results without question, and yet has made no effort to call off the people trying to undo the election, as if a 5 million signature petition to State Electors should mean shit when over a 100 million people just voted.

In my lifetime, there has NEVER been a more sustained and organized to overturn the results of an election.  In 2000, it really was very, very close.  But even in that case they were not calling for recounts in multiple States as the Democrats are, and there was ZERO effort to influence the Electors. They did not even play into it.

I try to be patient. I try to pretend these people honestly believe that they believe something.  But the fact is they don't.  They have no core beliefs.  There are no ideas which are sacred, other than conformity itself.  By the tens of thousands they blogged about how awful it was that Trump would not agree to accept the election results, and how wonderful and responsible it was that Hillary did.

Then they get a result they don't want, and ALL OF THIS is forgotten instantly.

I have said often I cannot fit my mind into boxes that small, but it is worse: to be on board with these clowns, I would have to systematically transfer my consciousness from one small box to another regularly, all while claiming that was where I was all along. I would have to forget where I was, and avoid thinking about the fact that I would likely soon need to move.

None of this is consistent with mental health.

Let Blessings Be

From time to time, despite your best efforts at misery and woe, the tides will toss you moments of genuine grace, contentment, and joy.  When this happens, pay attention.  These are the seeds of genuine wisdom.  They come and go at their pleasure, but you can make their acquaintance in the process.

I have tried to do Gratitude exercises repeatedly, but they are swamped in the face of underlying negative emotions, underlying tensions, which I have found only give up their grip with focus and conscious unwinding.

But we are all blessed--admittedly very rarely for many of us--with the real deal, with genuine gratitude.  Pay attention when this happens.  Do not force these feelings, and certainly do not try and conjure these feelings.  Regard them like a deer that has happened on your lawn in the early morning.  Be gentle.  Be calm.  Be welcoming.  And when it leaves, reflect on what happened.  You have been gifted a small wisdom, a small spark, that over time can be turned into an enduring flame of, perhaps restless, but real well being.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Free Speech

I was talking with my oldest about the limits of free speech.  Some of you will recall a time when even Democrats would defend the right of the KKK to march in public, to express its views in public.  There was a particularly controversial march I recall as being in Skokie, Illinois.

Most college kids would say that there is a range, but we should not accept anyone outside that range.  My point was this: how can you engage in dialogue, and help evolve, people with whom you refuse to speak, and whose opinions you systematically denigrate and shut out of the public conversation?

Let us say someone IS a KKK member.  They have perhaps 5,000 members in this country.  What benefit accrues to the world, to society, to decency, when you shout them down and tell them they can't talk, that their opinions are completely wrong, that they are evil and should die?

Do you change their minds?  No, in most cases, they will cling to them more tightly.  No conversation happened.  No meeting of the minds, no baring of the souls.

The intent of the Left, of course, is to give the shouting-down the power of law, such that non-conformists are arrested and hauled away to someplace they can't talk any more.  This breeds fear, of course, which is their intent, but what it does not breed is social integration, openness, spontaneity, or the social complexity which alone enables GENUINE social evolution.  What it is, of course, is a retrogression to the Salem Witch Trials, or the Spanish Inquisition, or to any other social form which brooked no difference, and which punished it with death.

Genuine emotional intelligence WELCOMES the expression even of hateful views.  People can be influenced.  It may take time.  It may take generations, but influence is the only way in which REAL change happens in a world which is not a shitty disaster filled with people foaming at the mouth and a terrified populace living in the "dark" world the Left so easily projected onto Trump.

The next civil rights struggle

It has no doubt occurred to the authoritarian minds who represent the core of the current professional Left, that they could compile lists of names from social media and systematically discriminate against them.  The overt pretext would be the conflation of Trump support and racism and other -isms which in this present world constitute dissidence/deviance/non-compliance.

Logically, as objects of systemic discrimination, the remedy in the current world would be either judicial protection, or if we want to take the logic of the Left and use it against it, some form of Affirmative Action in places like universities which are systematically lacking in diversity.

Given the cauldrons of pernicious indoctrination so many of our public schools have become, I personally would support the latter option.

Consider this: it is certainly the case that people who lack practical talent, and lack professional grade social skills both gravitate to academia, and to Leftism.  But consider also that the practical necessity of conformity in any university career to the social norms of one's colleagues is absolute, and you get a system which is virtually guaranteed to exclude conservatives.  On the one hand, conservatives shun such careers because they know they will be hated, and on the other only Leftists can count on promotions and tenure.  There is a both a self selection process and an institutional selection process.

The likelihood of being either forced to hide my politics for a long period of time, or to face an inability to get a good tenured job, was one of the factors which played into my own decision not to continue graduate school in the Humanities.

Republicans in many quarters literally are pariahs.  We are discriminated against, to the extent possible.  We are being beaten in the streets by people who proclaim love and practice extraordinarily prejudicial violence.

Now is the time for such policies.  Trump can simply declare that universities receiving public money must demonstrate a commitment to ideological and cultural diversity.


If you are not often on the edge of fucking up, you are likely complacent. If you are not aware of this, you likely lack the humility to hear what is being whispered in your ear.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pence, Part Two

I try not to focus on trivia, but thought I might throw my two cents in and say I watched what the main guy said, and it was not insult, or particularly demeaning or awful.  I think, as I said, that the paradigm from which it came--that Trump is intolerant and that Obama IS tolerant--is misguided and wrong, but my goodness I don't want us to start acting like the whiny crybabies on the Left.  Let it go.  It wasn't that bad.  It really wasn't.  For a New Yorker in front of a New York audience, it was in fact quite mild and even-tempered.


They called on Pence to stand up for ALL Americans.  Can they honestly claim to believe, without guilt or a long list of qualifiers, that Obama or the Democrats generally, have stood up for ALL Americans?  No, they have stood up for a series of special interest groups, which all together still do not constitute a majority of Americans.

Look at the red on the Electoral Map.  Those are the Americans who feel Obama and the Democrats failed to stand up for them. On the contrary, they felt it their duty to stand up TO them, to people who feel no shame in patriotism, or the path of our history, or in traditional families, or belief in God and the Christian faith, in hard work, personal responsibility, and the huge importance of political freedom.

To paraphrase James Watt, if we got two trannies, a queer, 3 jews, 5 blacks, a cripple, someone with an IQ under 50, a spastic, 2 each of @black women, @asian women, @hispanic women, @white women, and ALL OF THEM THINK THE SAME, we have a room full of drones, still.  There is no meaningful diversity.

Politically, the diversity that MATTERS is thinking differently, approaching problems differently, coming from differing cultures we do not have to apologize for.

Trump, unlike Obama, will in my view stand for all Americans.  It's about damn time somebody did.

Edit: as I think about it, is literally seems to be the underlying thought process that you can commodify difference, that it is a measurable thing, and not something much more subtle, such as the difference in personalities between two sisters.

I had a related bigger thought today I am going to need to mull over a bit, and likely smoke on.

The Electors

I see the list of Electors in the States which did not swing Hillary has been published, and death threats are being made against some of them.  One, I would hope that the police are getting involved, because any threat against ANYONE, much less someone performing a role within government, is illegal.  Terroristic threatening should be punished, punished massively and punished publicly through announced arrests.

Second, though, even in the highly unlikely event this violence is making people more, not less, likely to change their votes, Trump could easily present a credible case that the election was unfairly influenced by organized, illegal activity, which could potentially be prosecuted under RICO.  Their threats are most likely going to have the effect of increasing the relish with which the Electors will vote Trump, but will in any event become a separate factor in the lawsuits which would undoubtedly follow an unprecedented Elector coup d'etat.


It is an unexamined and entirely inaccurate assumption that people who are diverse with respect to sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, etc., will somehow intrinsically differ enough that they can develop synergies that would not have happened otherwise.  This is the argument made for diversity, to the extent it is not simply a political club being wielded by the Left based on their assertion of what is right.

But if all those people think the same, what you have is dullness.  And in most cases, they do, if they are of the political Left.  Where you generate interesting Complexity--and that is what we want--is when you have people who THINK DIFFERENTLY, who have differing moral values, who have genuinely diverse perspectives.

This benefit of genuine diversity is suppressed in two ways: 1) conflating outer diversity with inner diversity; 2) hating and devaluing all alternative opinions.

When people think you can make general claims about people because they are not white, not straight, not male, you are dealing in the intellectually childlike world of primary and deep bigotry and prejudice.  You are in KKK territory.  It is that level of incuriosity, that level of ignorance about the Other.

How one can be ignorant about the largest demographic group in the country is an interesting question.  The simplest answer seems to be the long term practice of both telling and believing lies about them, while living in a world which accepts it, and rejects all alternative inputs and narratives.  By living in a bubble, in other words.

White southerners had a stronger case for judging black people--who as a matter of policy were kept ignorant (a policy which indeed largely continues today, in that the Left does not want blacks to have access to high quality educations)--than Leftists have for judging the white men who created this country, created the concept of tolerance, created the universities they thrive in, created the scientific method, and created virtually all the technology they depend on daily.  Those are no small feats.

As long as white people are the bad guys, Democrats are going to continue to contract.  Nobody likes racism, and we are no exceptions.

Where are the psychologists?

I was watching this great video on the 5 greatest challenges facing African Americans, and it occurred to me "where are the psychologists in the political arena?"  Most all of them lean hard Left, because rhetorically that is where most of the compassioning, and empathying, and hugging and crying is, but how many of them, in their own practices, would validate across decades self pity and the victim mentality?  How many of them would ENCOURAGE people to become martyrs?

How many of them would encourage people in unhealthy codependent relationships with the victims?  How many of them would say it's perfectly OK to parent your undeveloped child like they were 5 across a lifetime?  How many would say it's perfectly OK to treat grown adults like children, provided you can convince them first that they are helpless?

How many would validate fits of destructive rage of the sort seen particularly in Portland, where most of the destruction--as indeed many locals have pointed out--is directed at people who AGREE WITH THEM?  That is the same thing that happened in Ferguson, where most of the rage--the amygdala hijacks, the unregulated limbic system activation--was directed at the homes and businesses of fellow blacks?

How many of them would accept as healthy grown adults treating the Federal Government as Santa Claus, and the act of voting like handing Santa your Christmas list?

What is pathological in individuals is pathological in societies.  As above, so below.  Self similarity.  Fractals.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


I don't think we went a week between whenever Trump announced his candidacy and the present which was not called Trump's "worst week ever".  They are making a fucking story out of his going to dinner.

This won't stop simply because the people resoundingly repudiated the media.  What will happen is that numbers for Drudge and Breitbart and Infowars and Frontpagemag and others will continue to go up, and all the people doing the hyperventilating will see their numbers go down even more.

Yes, there is a built in constituency of about 40% of the Electorate that wants all this bad news.  But if it was not obvious before, it should be obvious now that the breakfast and dinner tables constitute "social media", and Mark Zuckerberg can't do shit about what intact families discuss at home and in family gatherings.

And most of us GET that the New York Times is fake news.  MSNBC is all spin, all the time.  They don't try to report the news: they try to CREATE it.  And a fucking bangup job they have done: they have convinced large segment of the electorate that our next President is Hitler, despite ZERO evidence that could even BEGIN to back up such insane, irresponsible, reckless, and likely even criminal claims.

This election plainly did not stop with the election.  They are trying every trick they can think of--and when it comes to cheating and bullying, the Left is quite inventive--to pretend that the American People did not tell them to go fuck themselves.

So, as I said: block by block, building by building.  Every time Trump takes a shit or sneezes we are going to hear "scandal".  This can't go on forever without everyone losing patience, though.  Until now, it was possible for viewers to cling to the idea that this latest scandal, this latest "worst week ever", would finally end Trump.  Once he is in office, that narrative is very quickly going to lose steam.  It's tiring and pointless.

All this relentless propagandizing is destroying the Left.  As I have said, for propaganda to work, you have to live in that bubble.  Once you realize that everyone around you is telling you lies, getting away with it consistently is impossible.  The circle of the initiates, the membership in the cult, shrinks rapidly.  Only a small, utterly indoctrinated group would contemplate someone like Ellison as party chair, but that seems to be the direction they are going.

Yes, you can hijack a party, and push it to the Left.  This has been done.  But once you lose the trust of the rank and file, once you SHOW THEM beyond any reasonable doubt, that you are a radical, what you have left is an irrelevant fringe.

Republicans did not just win the Presidency and both houses of Congress.  We made gains in virtually all State legislatures.  The Democrat tide is going out, because they chose to separate themselves from psychologically healthy people just trying to live normal lives.  They have nothing to offer such people.  They are not the party of the working class.  They have not helped blacks and Latinos.  They don't support economic growth.  What is left that matters to most people?

As it has evolved, the real root purpose of the Democrat Party is to give meaning and purpose to rudderless drones who are unevolved emotionally, instinctively hostile to most of the world, and intellectually incurious.  They might read Marx and Chomsky and Zinn, but only to reaffirm their biases.  Curiosity is seeking out the new, and that is not something they do. If you are not one of them, they hate you, and their Party is only too happy to support them in that.  It is a cult.  The leadership may change, but the facts do not.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A proposition

Are you willing to accept the idea that there is no forgiveness because there was no crime?

I speak to some of you, only.  The rest will not understand my question.

Bannon and Priebus

It seems obvious to me that what Trump has done is bring the Republican Civil War into the White House, where it has some chance of working itself out.  Uber Establishment, Uber Alt-Right, rubbing elbows regularly.

Here is the thing: Trump was able to appeal directly to the people in the face of establishment Republican opposition, but if he wants to get a fraction of his legislative agenda actually through Congress, he has to make nice.  He has to mend bridges, soothe egos, press the flesh.  Politicking will be needed before deal making can happen.  That this would be so has always been obvious.  Trumps main virtue is that he has the balls to walk away from bad deals.  That doesn't mean compromise will not be needed in many cases to get the deal done. That's how the world works.

Ponder the audacity of calling the first Constitutional Convention in I don't know how long.  Since the repeal of Prohibition?  Modern Presidents have simply arrogated to themselves rights not contained in the Constitution, so even though the existence of, say, the DEA ought likely to have required a Constitutional Amendment, it was simply done.

Even the repeal of Obamacare will require politicking.  That's just how it works.  And the truth is we likely won't get all we want.  But we will get our Supreme Court picks, the will to enforce our immigration laws, the likely repeal of Obamacare, avoiding a war with Russia over non-existent interests in Syria, and a regime not committed to the demise of our nation.

Give Trump time.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The New Democrats

I think it would be useful to describe the street protests--the flag burnings, the Mexican flags, the calls for the assassination of Trump, the calls for and actual violence directed at Trump supporters--as a precipitation of the headless ones.  They were hidden in masses, but were not obvious to many people.

Ponder people with Mexican flags marching against Trump.  They are not just saying it is OK that they are here illegally, but that it is NOT OK that the rest of us are here, and voting, even though we were born here and this is our country.  What a shitty attitude.

And it seems likely to me that many people who have been lifelong Democrats because their parents were Democrats, and their parents before them, are going to look at all this and say: this is not my party.  These are not my people.  Indeed, I suspect many did in the election already.

There was a time when it was possible to say that Democrats and Republicans both loved this country, and simply differed on how to improve it, how to protect it, how to govern it.

But when you burn an American flag, you are turning your back on individual rights, on the rule of law, on a tradition of peaceful negotiation of difference.  You are shitting on the very ideals which allow you to be a complete fucking idiot in public.

Of course this makes sense to many people, but I doubt very much that what the Democrats have manifestly become will ever appeal to more than perhaps  one fifth of the population.  Everyone who values common sense and common decency will shudder, and run the other way.  It is ugly, grotesque, scary, what they have become, and they have now become it in public, in very obvious, very blatant, undeniable ways.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Being lazy

I remember reading many years ago, in high school, that Rene Descartes used to lay in bed in the morning and dream, and that that is where some of his best ideas came to him.

And I remember feeling--this is not the word I would have used--that thinking logically about how to think logically, that using geometric proofs to demonstrate how we all should be and what is universally true, was wonderful.

And without doing more research to see if my sense is correct--what I am about to say may be very stupid and should be considered as such by those more erudite on this topic than I--I feel that someone with trauma in them, unprocessed emotions below the neckline, would  naturally gravitate to a life above the neckline, particularly one in which one could speculate and speak in the abstract about what may lay below the neckline.  We are all animatronic robots, animated by souls, is a logical supposition, for someone disconnected from their body.

But I feel, I feel, waves coming at me sometimes in my bed (my futon: I follow the Asian custom and sleep on a thin cotton mattress on the floor that I fold up after making in the morning) of complete transmissions.

My Eden poem came like that, and I'm afraid I likely lost much of it.  I will say though that that poem meant a lot to me.  I felt a kinship for Adam and Eve.  My blood is their blood, their sins and honest errors haunt me now too.  And Eden was never destroyed: it was just forbidden for a time.

Through all that is Andrei Tarkovsky, the visual poet.  Yes, that is the phrase.  His father was an actual poet--quoted in the Mirror, and referenced in Nostalghia--but he goes the next step.  Eden as the inner sanctum of Stalker.  Eden as the healing pools of Nostalghia.  Eden as the panicked crowds running, running, running in the Sacrifice.

Then of course, my Eden.  Can we not return to something?  Can what was lost never be found again, even if we move forward in Dream Time?

Ah, I lie there and feel kinship with humanity.  Sometimes by body is rocked and my heart pushes its every last drop of energy into the world.  I doubt I can explain what I mean.

My life is an odd one. I am not like other people, even though I am very much like other people.  I see people, and sometimes their stories come to me, and sometimes they don't.  So many hearts have been broken, so many never even allowed to grow.  Brutal gardeners refused to water them, and cut them off from the sun.  They are stunted and alone, but so often they do not even know it.  They speak of "the world".  We speak of how they are, what they don't understand.

And all through this I feel I would suffer a thousand incisions, a thousand bites, for a tiny fraction of the wisdom I feel in the air.  It is there, but I have not yet made it my friend.  This is my fault.  It is certainly my fault.

Tarkovsky has a drunk Russian (Nostalghia)  dreaming of being in the ruins of an ancient church, and a female angel asking of God "show him a sign", and God says "I show him all the time, but he does not see."

I reach and I suffer, and I feel.  My faith is actually strong, although that may not be obvious.  This will work out eventually, and I am prepared to endure until it does.

Perhaps I should not have written this.  I am drinking, but I am not drunk, but as rambling as this is, it is an expression of something deep and important within me, and may yet touch you, my friend I have not yet met.

Perennial crucifixion

God did not nail Christ up to the cross.  He was nailed up as the result of human evil--human ignorance, pride, stupidity, greed, vanity, intolerance.  He was the victim of the Beast within all human breasts.

And the Church which bears his name inverted it all.  Where he spoke God they speak demon.  Where he spoke freedom they speak submission.  Where he spoke individuation, they speak collectivism.  Where he spoke heaven, they speak hell.

Self evidently, freedom is not living in a world where all are slaves to an ideology or a tyrant, where one sees the same closed eyes and same closed hearts everywhere one travels, all looking to heaven and sinking like stones.

The crucifixion happens whenever light attempts to enter into our souls and we smother it because we fear it, because we fear where it may lead us, because as bad as our circumstances and feelings may be, we always dread worse.  And so what is good is killed, smothered, battered and left to die.

This is the human condition as it exists today.  Not everywhere, not with everyone: of course not.  And things are gradually improving, in fits and starts.  Good psychology is emerging, useful understandings are taking the place of old cliches, about sin and redemption.  Political philosophy consistent with actual individual liberty and open and honest spiritual striving has come into being.

I don't know why I pretend to be a prophet, but I write as the spirit moves me, so I guess that is something.  Whatever else I am, I am resolutely connected to the ideal of living my own life, and no one else's.  Give me my pain, but also grant me my wings.

The necessity of Judgement

One of the first things necessary to end segregation was to call it wrong.  It was necessary to call Apartheid wrong.

And it remains necessary to call the treatment of women by Muslim nations wrong.  It remains necessary to call their treatment of gays wrong. It remains necessary to call their radical intolerance of all beliefs and practices different from their own wrong. People funded by Saudi Arabia are LITERALLY crucifying people in public streets for the "crime" of being different.

We read that it is insulting and demeaning to single out Muslims as a group we do not want.  GOOD!!!  Perhaps they will do some introspecting, and ask why we would feel that way.  By and large, they know how we are.  They watch our movies, and television, and likely play our video games, at least in the wealthier homes.

And by and large they seem to hold us in contempt, because we do not believe in ourselves.  We preach equality of the sexes, but ignore their refusal to allow women to go to school, to drive, in many cases to even leave the house without a male relative.  There is no mass condemnation of the gang rapes and murders practiced particularly by our nominal ally Pakistan.

There is no effort that can be called serious in Europe to ask them to integrate, or to punish those who call for the overthrow of their adopted countries, and their Liberal systems of law.

There is no outcry when homosexuals are beheaded in public squares after trials.

No one objected to the shaming of Southern white segregationists.  No one objected to the boycotts and divestments associated with undermining Apartheid.

Surely there is nothing wrong with refusing to allow in people practicing similar and often worse creeds, PARTICULARLY when they are surrounded by their coreligionists, who could easily allow them in as refugees?

These people do not think like we do, granted.  They are nasty, selfish, mean.  They have allowed the refugees from a war in 1948 that THEY STARTED to languish for 68 years.  Generations have been born and have died in refugee camps.

But this is not our fault.  And a large problem the so-called Palestinians have had is that they shit everywhere they go, and nobody wants them.  The Jordanians don't want them, the Lebanese don't want them, and the Syrians have not wanted them.  To a great extent, these fools have brought this fate on themselves.  Do not pity people whose whole aim in life is to use your pity as a weapon against you.

We have no moral obligation to accept millions of Syrians.  On the contrary, we have an obligation to destroy ISIS, to allow some structure to be rebuilt, and when that happens, all of these people will have homes again.

Trump needs to stand his ground on this issue. How else can we spark needed discussions?  How else can we get these appalling social practices changed?


The Electoral College exists for two reasons.  The first was to make sure that large cities did not overwhelm the countryside--which after all contains most of the land in this country, most of the physical mass.  With regard to this aim, Trump's election was a logical consequence.  Most of America is red.  Most of most counties across this country are read.  Most of us are law abiding and peaceful.

Here is a good treatment of this topic:

If the opponents of the Electoral College had it their way and we adopted the direct-election system, no candidate would ever visit the 30 smallest states (population) in the U.S., including New Mexico. Every campaign would be based around the big, urban city. If you don't live in NY City, Los Angeles, or Chicago, you wouldn’t see the candidates. The idea is to be sure all votes in a district have power. Ideally no single party, race, ethnic group, or other bloc, nationally large or nationally small, will dominate any of the districts-- which for now happen to be the 50 states plus Washington, D.C.Some political experts argue that the Electoral College robs voters of their individual power. A physicist from MIT named Alan Natapoff, in 1970, questioned that belief and he worked on a theorem that would show the people the value of our Electoral College. He worked on a mathematical explanation to identify the voters’ power in an electoral system versus a direct popular voting system. He asked himself, “What is the probability that one person’s vote will be able to turn a national election?” The higher the probability, the more power each voter commands. Almost always, he found, individual voting power is higher when funneled through districts--such as states--than when pooled in one large, direct election. It is more likely, in other words, that your one vote will determine the outcome in your state and your state will then turn the outcome of the Electoral College, than that your vote will turn the outcome of a direct national election. A voter therefore, Natapoff found, has more power under the current electoral system.
The second reason we have an Electoral College, and the reason Senators also were originally elected by the State legislatures, was to prevent mobs from being stupid.  The House is intended to be rambunctious and to be in continual revolt and turmoil.  Elections are direct, and every two years, and people's moods change often.

The Senate, in contrast, has six year terms, and was intended to be the slower, more thoughtful, counterpoint to the House.  On the one hand you give the people a very direct voice, but on the other you balance it with men who are ideally well educated, of solid character, and beyond the need for continual campaigning.  If we had kept the old system, they would not have needed to campaign at all.  Our Constitution truly is a work of political genius (with its only flaw, as I continue to say, the failure to prevent the possibility of an activist Supreme Court).

But to the point here, the intent was to prevent truly bad candidates from getting into office.  The Left, of course, argues that Donald Trump is the truly bad candidate.  But Hillary, in something which has never happened before in our country, to my knowledge, emerged as the nominee despite being clearly guilty of MANY felonies, and under CURRENT investigation for many more at the Clinton Foundation, with criminal charges on all accounts being very likely.  I do continue to wonder if Comey closed the latest server investigation only after striking a deal that she would not be President.

So even in the unlikely event 20+ Electors could be persuaded to change their votes, which would be highly unethical, and highly politically destabilizing and likely physically dangerous to themselves, they would be changing their votes to someone who may well provoke a Constitutional crisis, or at least crisis of governance, as prosecutable crimes emerge from the investigation.  I don't think there is any reasonable doubt many laws were broken, and that given evidence she thought was destroyed was in fact kept, that a solid and effective criminal case can and will be brought.

And Bill Clinton CAN be arrested.  He is no longer the President.  Hillary would have to be impeached and removed, but he could go to jail immediately, as, I'm sure, could Chelsea.

Looking at all this, it is easy to see how they may have agreed to play ball and just fade into the woods.  It would not surprise me to learn that HILLARY'S people are canvassing the Electors, to make sure they don't vote for her.  Their reign is over.


Chuang Tzu taught that perfect goodness is crooked.

I would say that all sailors will tell you that to find a straight line in the ocean, one must look far beyond and above it.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Memories, some from a perhaps future

 walk back up there,

   Pass an indifferent sword,
    its flames now dimmed,
     its possessor absent

    And to find,
   that apple,
  two bites less.

 And to eat again--
such a sweet sin!!!
 --but it doesn't
  matter now.

   Now to look:
    mists fill the air, but one
     senses that a fire built,
   here, for warmth and
 society, would
burn forever.

 The air contains an
  almost scent, as if the
   possibility of all scents
    felt us coming, and is even
     now hiding, or perhaps

 Scraps of paper litter the hills
in this garden, and the flight
 of birds fills the air. Where
  they come from, and where
 to, I do not know.

Slithering obliquely, a trail
of a snake extends over the
top of the next hill.  He who
perhaps WAS once welcome,
is gone, to return no more,
his work complete.

 One senses this is no place
  for banks, or post offices,
   Law clerks, or law.

  The air has ears, and poetry is
 never forgotten.

Ah, to remember is to learn!!!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Dreams and visions

Once in a lifetime,
  Perhaps twice,
One may stumble upon a
  City in the desert
Consecrated to a death,
  To a wound which happened
Long ago.

So terrifying!!!
  To put wheels on the shrines
And hoist up sails to capture
  Spiritual winds.
To set out with the hope,
  Of learning a new ocean.

So much lost of
  So much known.
Who will we be, and
  Where will we go?

But it does not do,
  To worship a hole.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump and the Electoral College

Especially since the Left--the whiny, violent, hysterical Left, whose true nature we are seeing on America's streets, as we see flag burnings, and in at least one case someone literally crapping on everything Trump and the people who voted for him stand for--has made it an issue, if I were Trump I would assign a couple good people to the task of figuring out who the Electors are that he needs for his 270, and pull backgrounds on them, and any recent public statements one way or the other, and develop profiles.  Any that I think might flip, I would lobby directly, using as appropriate a combination of threats and rewards and old fashioned glad handing persuasion to make sure they do their jobs on December 19th.

Leave nothing to chance.


It is impossible for anyone to know their fate.  So I believe.  It is impossible to know day by day that you won't be in a car accident that wasn't your fault, or that something will not happen to someone you love.  Self evidently, bad things happen suddenly--and slowly, as in illness--to good people all the time. Most of the time it's not us, but sometimes it is.

It seems to me the core existential element of faith is the ability to relax in motion, to do the work of the world, to move with its currents, and maintain the ability to relax and stay in the moment; specifically, to reject and distance yourself from worry and the obsessions it breeds.

To be here: that is faith.

I had some minor setbacks today, nothing major, and it occurred to me that we live in an inelastic world.  We have come to expect things to be run like a giant, predictable machine.  Everything is measured.  Yardsticks are everywhere, and deviations from those yardsticks are resented and feared.  We all have one measure, and fear a second.

Most people are accustomed to making a certain amount of money a day.  Your time, for example, may be worth exactly $30/hour.  If you work one hour, you expect $30.  You don't expect $28 or $32.  It is $30.  But imagine if somebody was spinning a wheel hourly to see how much you make.  Every hour would be a surprise.

If you think about it, farming was always a crapshoot.  Hunting was always a crapshoot.  Sometimes it went well, sometimes not.  On balance things worked out for those who survived, and obviously did not work out for those who did not.  But the future was always uncertain, which meant that everyone had to have some means of calming themselves, of cultivating faith, of dealing with chance, and a universe of unknowns and uncontrollables.

We are so weak in large measure precisely because uncertainty has been largely eradicated in our world.  Dealing with chaos and confusion simply aren't skills the mass of people need or cultivate or value.

The power of evil

It is in the nature of children to play, to pile blocks, one on the other, to minister to their dolls, to move sand around, to climb up and down from the couch, to experiment and explore.  This is how they find and use their power in a healthy way.

When they do not feel safe doing this, when this natural energy that wells up in them and is expressed in the world is stunted by chronic anxiety and experientially warranted fear, they do not establish a gut level connection with the expression of their power to move the world.  There is no easy in and out between in here and out there.  It becomes problematic, and when this happens, a feeling of relative helplessness ensues.

The nature of the human organism is it tries to correct deficiencies, and psychologically it tends to overcompensate.  Where there is fear, there will be aggression.  Where there is helplessness there will be a quest for power and control.

In an adult who has not been socialized properly, who is suffering from unseen because primal traumas, it is best to imagine the healthy quest for power as existing in a suspended, timeless, inactive state.  This is the wax museum I have sometimes described that I feel in Leftists, that I felt in Sade.  120 Days of Sodom could be seen as consisting in hundreds of dioramas that never change.  There is no actual motion anywhere in the book.  Everything is frozen, dead.  A paralysis is on the world, which can never change, never evolve.

I found the mythos of the Dr. Strange interesting.  The main villain seeks a world beyond time and death.  He wants the many to become the few, and the few one.  And the one to be suspended in one pose for something beyond an eternity, since time does not exist.  But what role could consciousness possibly play in a world without motion?  None.  His deathlessness is actually lifelessness.  To live is to die, and to move is to die, to change and evolve, to not remain the same.  If it is a death to change from moment to moment, then dying continually is our task if we want to live healthily.

But what a ritual dedicated to evil--and these can exist in many forms, as there is a ritualistic quality to much left wing activity--accomplishes is it creates a bridge between the present world of that person/those people, and the suspended power within them.  That energy comes flowing out, and in the process creates the illusion of motion.  It is a motion confined to that time and space, and so it is necessarily temporary.  It must be repeated regularly for that person to maintain some outer sense of wellness.

What it is NOT is integration.  What it is NOT is a movement towards wholeness.

Frits Perls used to say "the only way out is through", and I believed this for a long time.  But pushing is often counterproductive.  If you attack a latent powerlessness in yourself with violence, it hardens and resists.  It becomes worse.

The way out is out.  That is my formulation.  What I mean is that we have to expand.  All of our limitations exist as a sort of knot within our psychospiritual energy flow, and they have to be ALLOWED to release, to grow, to add their pace, their sense of time, their unique contributions to our consciousness, such that over time we feel larger, more encompassing.  We can go more places and do more things and still feel at home in our latent power.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Now the fight begins

This election cycle has brought to the surface all the ugliness underlying the carefully crafted outer appearance of civility, caring and compassion that the Left has so assiduously cultivated for so many decades. The demons and ghouls are out in the open, and they are PISSED.

All of my work posting--my trying to understand and describe what I see--has had as its purpose helping to contribute to what I have always considered a fighting retreat.  We have been on our heels for decades.  Even Reagan had to contend with a solidly Democrat Congress for all of his eight years.

What Trumps election represents is an end to the retreat.  It is by no means the end of the fight.  Politically, it will be the equivalent of house to house, room by room fighting.  The shrieking will be continuous for a very long time.  Anyone who needs a safe space for protection from non-existent crimes and threats will obviously feel an existential threat in someone as unabashedly pro-America, pro-Progress as Trump.  Weakness breeds fear and fear breeds hatred and violence.

I do think we will see a lot of violence tonight, in many places.  You can't plan a riot at 3am, but you can with a day intervening and a concession speech from Hillary.

But the riots will only prove us right.  We are not the violent ones.  We are not the hateful ones.  We are not the ones animated by spite, greed and anger.  The darkness is on them, those who lie, cheat and steal in the service of nothing, no meaningful principle, no carefully thought out program.  The Soviets did not care if their programs worked, and the Leftists in America don't care now.  It was never about ameliorating the human condition, building bridges between people, or pursuing a deeper, more spiritual life.  Inherently, any cult based on conformity cannot but degrade humanity.  We need ACTUAL diversity to thrive, and we lack it in far too many places, but particularly in what should be hothouses filled with countless breeds of ideas--our universities.

Instead, generations of intellectual in-breeding and insufficient light have bred monsters.  And those monsters will not be tolerant in coming years.  They will not be silent.  And they will not be peaceful.  That is my prediction.  But bringing all this out in the open easily gives the lie to notions of their compassion and caring.

People may well wake up.  That was the point of my previous post.  There are degrees of moral and intellectual degradation, and it is the nature of human life to seek order, and I foresee many people suddenly taking an in-breath, and wondering why there is a knife in their hand, and where they were going, and how they got there.  These people should be treated gently and with patience. 


A lot of people are grieving right now.  Some are doing their best to hope for the best, and I think as conservatives we need to reach out to these people and reassure them.  We are and always have been the better people, and there is no better way of showing that than being magnanimous in victory.

Don't hold these people in contempt.  Yes, if they react in reflexive anger and that hate they have been taught so long to value there is no reason to do anything but avoid them.

But if they are probing and questioning, if they are saying things like "will my son be deported", or will black people be respected, etc. tell the truth, which is that Trump is a decent human being.  We probably will stop taking refugees from places where large segments of the population wants to kill us, but my honest guess is that after he deports the criminals among the illegals in this country, and shuts down Sanctuary Cities, and starts again enforcing the laws of our nation, that amnesty of some sort will be granted to the vast bulk of people here illegally.  This, after effective border control measures are implemented, including walls along long stretches of our border with Mexico.  This has been my vote all along.

I do think it would be reasonable to deport people who have come here in the last 4 years or so.  What exactly will happen is unclear.  Decisions will certainly be made, though, and executed.

But many of the fears people are expressing are ridiculous, and I guess what I am saying is that rather than laugh at and mock them, I would encourage people to comfort and reassure them that Trump really will be the President for all of us, rather than that of the elites, as Obama has been, and as Hillary would have been.
This is why he won.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The obvious

To the very evident satisfaction at her correct answer on the part of the media, Hillary promised at least twice to accept the results of the elections.  No ambiguity.  Zero.  Self evidently, everyone assumed that the accepting would have to be done by Trump, but he can blast her relentlessly--he can run the video on loop-- if she wants to backpedal now and pretend that whatever fraud there was, was done by Republicans TO Democrats, rather than the other way around, and open up multiple investigations, a lot of her people, in my view, are going to wind up in jail after Trump wins anyway.  The mood--the Tao--is clearly not in her favor.  The tide is going out, rapidly, and she may still stay out of jail if she keeps her fucking mouth shut.

He is not going to investigate too carefully if he doesn't have to, but if she wants to raise a big stink, LOTS of her people will likely go to jail, and she has to know that.

Hillary: you lost honestly, and you fucking know it.  Concede, then go crawl under a rock.  Trump is not going to be pushed around, and you know these numbers were real. You lost PENNSYLVANIA for God's sake, likely as a result of Amish and others in the middle of the State who have never voted in their lives. 

Move on.  Isn't that a motto of yours?

Step One

We need to create a working group that will make our elections very, very hard to rig.  Paper, unduplicatable ballots, national voter ID like all other nations, and generous provision for monitoring by both sides.

If we take voter fraud alone off the table, Democrats may never see the White House again.  My personal opinion is that the 5% margin of victory last polled was about right, and that Trump likely did win by that much--but that vote switching machines, undetected ballot stuffing and the like deducted a few points.  The Democrats likely thought that would be enough, but as of this moment, it wasn't. 

And after all the screaming about "accepting the election", and given many instances of fraud helping Democrats and zero that I have read about helping Republicans, Hillary really needs to accept the result.

Monday, November 7, 2016

NYPD: three positive spins, one negative

It really seemed to me like Eric Prince had solid, highly plausible intelligence when he said that the NYPD forced the reopening of the email case.  They said that if the FBI didn't do it's job--and they didn't--that they would release the emails to the public.  This obviously hasn't happened.  Today would have been the day, since many Americans will vote on the way to work tomorrow, likely before they watch any news.

Positive Scenario one: Wikileaks has been under attack, and perhaps they could not upload them, but will soon, or will find an alternative distribution method, which, if the key allegations are true, will certainly result in a widespread outcry that no law enforcement will be able to suppress short of riot police and a mass violence that will make things WORSE. Which should, even in this Alice in Wonderland, or Machiavelli in his home turf, world, result in criminal charges, convictions and substantial jail time.

2) They are going to wait and see if Trump wins outright.  DoOJ--the Department of the Obstruction of Justice--has been threatening them, and it may be they are willing to pay the cost, but only if they have to.  They will release everything if Trump loses, and only if he loses.

3) My favorite: Comey, Hillary and what would amount to the Trump campaign reached a deal that if Hillary calls off all the people who were going to cheat to win her the election, and allows Trump to win, then they will close these investigations and she can finish her life in peace.  Trump might have even granted Obama the right to pardon her.  Me personally, I have always been a wheeler and dealer.  You can't always get everything you want.  Very often you have to settle for the best you can get.  Trump knows this better than just about anybody.  I would assume that if he could get a deal like this, that more or less guarantees him the White House in exchange for not prosecuting the Clinton crime family, he would take it.  He can do so much good, and most of the Clinton crimes exist in the past.  With this deal, he would more or less prevent future crimes.  I would try, of course, to get the dissolution of the Clinton Foundation on the table, in exchange for dropping the investigation.  You do no more wrong in the future, and you stay out of jail for what you did in the past.

4) It is also possible that the usual methods of threat, bribery and coercion were effective, and the NYPD, or the parts that matter, have been permanently silenced.

A post I should not make

I like to fantasize that I was Jesus Christ in a past life.  I am lonely and it is a congenial fantasy.  Judge me as you choose.  To be sure, the psychiatric wards are filled with Jesus's.  As Mark Knopfler sang, of Speakers Corner "two men say they are Jesus; one of them must be wrong".  It's a good line.

But I would like to present to you some unique ideas, some notions that I have not seen presented anywhere else.  This is my burden: to be filled with ideas, which I have every reason to believe are highly useful, and to be understood, as far as I can tell, by no one.  To be sure I could be more determined and more effective at getting my ideas out there, more steadfast in working to find supporters.  But I do tire sometimes, trying and trying and trying and failing and failing and failing.

And I have actually been enjoying some peace the past few days.  The part of me that reacts with an electric jolt to the notion of our society failing is not reacting as much.  I am not caring as much.  I am not so much becoming apathetic, as realizing that no matter how much I excite myself, no matter how much I set myself on fire, most people will not care, and for the most part it makes no difference.  The illusion of control can be comforting, but accepting that it is an illusion also makes life much less serious.

Christ began his ministry around age 33.  Where was he until then?  He was politically engaged arguing with his fellow Jews against a suicidal rebellion, which would lead to the end of everything left of traditional Jewish life oriented around the Temple.  He could see that the Romans, while tolerant enough in peace, were quite willing and able to commit acts of mass murder and destruction if driven to do so.

He could feel the murder in the air, and the end of an era.  He begged people not to do what was in their hearts.  And at a certain point, he realized it was all useless.  It might be ten years, it might be a hundred (although that wasn't likely), but their way of life would be broken.  Parts might remain, but the fabric would be torn.

And that is when he began his ministry, his highly impractical creed of love.  It was born in part of despair.  The larger project of saving the whole failed.  He was unsuccessful and he knew it.

So he preached let us love one another, for soon all will be for naught. Let us love one another as God loves us.  Let us forgive our enemies.  Let us no longer fight them, for soon all will be for naught.  Let us seek the good and the beautiful and the sacred in our hearts, and let us try to feel the ways of God in our hearts, for soon all will be for naught.  We must prepare, because our world is going to become dark, and ash will fill the air, and the screams of the guilty and  innocent alike will fill the air.

And he knew that after all the attacks on the Jewish leaders he had made for so many years that his new turn to the crazy would set them against him.  They wanted and preached victory.  They fought for Jewish independence, and they sure as fuck didn't need some dirty beggar and rabble-rouser putting those sorts of ideas into people's heads.  Victory was on their mind, victory of the sorts preached throughout their scripture.

And he knew this.  But he was a stubborn mother-fucker, and he didn't quit.  He was a warrior, and warriors accept only victory and death.  And victory, now, was healing people hurting in their souls.  He focused on the down-trodden and invisible because they are the only ones able to listen, to hear with new ears, to accept new truths, to be taught in any way, shape or form. It is largely still this way, today.

And when they nailed him on the cross he felt fear, yes, but more sadness.  He had failed again.  He had been misunderstood again.  It was not the death that bothered him, but failing to be heard. He knew he had touched some hearts, but he could also likely sense the bandits and robbers--the wolves--already circling around the emotional effect they could see that his words had, and trying to figure out how to use them for their own benefit.

Maybe he came back from the dead, maybe he didn't.  People come back from the dead, according to the reports of people I believe, many times every year around the world TODAY, albeit typically through mediums.  This would not be a unique miracle.

And over time the story persisted of something unusual, something inexplicable, behavior that did not fit within any good narrative other than those of sacrifice and love.  And over time the story grew.  A virgin birth was added, walking on water, loaves and fishes, magical healings.  The mother, who in fact he dreaded, became a saint, and was worshiped in her own right.

And for thousands of years a fossilized institution has preached of love, and practiced charity with the same diligence as the Goodfellas in Queens--who did distribute toys every Christmas to all the kids--with all the genuineness of wind up toys.

And thus a global, Catholic institution of immense wealth and power grew up on the seed of someone whose main virtue was being willing to risk everything he had and was at every moment of his life.

Is any of this true?  I don't know.  I don't tell my mind where it can and cannot go.  Once the notion of limits is in place it shrinks instantly.  I don't share everything, and was not sure if I should share this, but it feels right, so here you go.

Whoever wins tomorrow, I am ready to change my life and my focus.  I think this is true.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

NYPD: please save this country

A mandate for law breaking

As I think about it, if we elect Hillary EVEN AFTER ALL THIS, that amounts to a mandate for law breaking and crime.  It is the American people collectively saying: we don't care if you love this country, or if you are for sale, or if you are mishandling daily our best kept secrets for years.  We don't care if you lie, we don't care if you steal, we don't care about FUCKING ANYTHING.

Because, you know, you are a Democrat and a woman.

Jesus H. Christ.  I called it in 2008, but I am REALLY calling it this time.  We are done as a nation which deserves the right to govern itself. I can't of course know what will happen, but the writing is on the wall.  Every sacrifice every soldier has made for this country is rendered null and void.  The work of our Founders will be undone.  Everything good we have created will come under attack and fall, over some period of time.  We are decadent, and is what happens to decadent people.

FBI and the Hatch Act

There is nothing in the Hatch Act about prosecutors doing their jobs.  Knowing nothing more about it than that it was passed in the late 1930's, we can safely assume it was a Republican bill intended to curb FDR's countless abuses of power, which often included what amounted to publicly funded bribes.

You can Google it and read it.  It simply says political leaders within the bureaucratic apparatus should not campaign for specific candidates and causes.  It says nothing about law enforcement doing its job, and it would seem obvious that the Americans of the 1930's would stare in disbelief at our present political system, in which we stand poised to possibly give the most important job in the world to someone we KNOW is a crook, we know got good Americans killed pointlessly then lied about it.

This time is astonishing.  I know I can track the lies, who told them, and what their purposes were, but it is still a daily source of astonishment that people can be made to believe them.

As far as Hillary, if Comey waits for an indictment until AFTER the election, if Hillary wins, he is going to have rioting on the streets on both sides.  Trump supporters because he had a DUTY to tell us, and Hillary supporters because they will assume it is politically motivated.

Particularly if the charges are as serious as alleged, particularly pedophilia--and the evidence substantial, as alleged, then that needs to come out NOW.  If the American people then STILL want to vote for Hillary, and the voting seems on the up and up, then I will accept that result, and simply start making plans to move to a nation where people are not batshit insane.

Doors and walls

A door, especially a door with a lock on it, says "no, you can't come in here without asking".  The logic of allowing unlimited, unregulated, unchecked immigration into the United States because a wall is wrong, is the same as that which would be required if one were to not just leave the door to one's house unlocked, but remove it entirely.

This is farcical.  We live in a world where people have been made so fucking stupid that the simplest elements of common sense escape them.  Every other country in the world requires some form of Voter ID, or so I am told.  In some cases it is a fingerprint, but there is something.

There are not any nations in Latin America, I'm quite sure, who do not assert the right to control their borders, even if in practice they are porous.

The stink of idiocy is strong on this country.  As I said in 2008, we can undo the harms of any individual politician, but it is going to be very, very hard to uncorrupt minds CAPABLE of not just believing, but embracing enthusiastically, the continual stream of lies, half truths, omissions and destructiveness streaming from the political Left.  We are being talked into national suicide and people are too complacent and ignorant to understand it.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Why so stupid?

I think many ordinary Americans, used as they are to a reliable power grid, water coming from their faucets, smiling faces on their TV's, cars that start, freedom from violence, grocery stores filled with food, etc. have come to where anyone suggesting anything unpleasant is regarded with suspicion and fear.

The crimes of Bill and Hillary are plainly so large, so inconceivable, that most people simply cannot believe they are true.  If they were true, the media would tell them they are true.  But the media isn't doing that.

Yes, they are a bit anxious.  They know there is a large stink, and their gut--if they still listen to it-tells them these people are rotten to the core.  But they don't want to know that.  They don't want to think that.  It is supposed to be a heart warming moment, of the sort they celebrate on daytime womens' shows, when the first woman becomes President.  Aren't they supposed to want that?  Has not a lifetime of conditioning led them to want this more than anything?

I have no idea if we will survive all of this, but my oldest has been saying for some time that a major disaster would likely be good in the long run for most Americans, certainly the current college generation, which is decadent, stupid, complacent, and deplorably ignorant about virtually everything. Their emotions and views are superficial, their loyalties highly mutable, their minds weak, and their sense of entitlement strong.

I feel like bitch-slapping the world sometimes.  It is regrettably a bit too big, and in any event, it would not understand.  Stupidity is the problem, and all you do is weaponize stupidity when you treat it with aggression.  Nobody gets smarter, but they do get more violent.  Everybody walking down every street in America and every other country is secretly convinced they are a fucking genius.  Dale Carnegie said this, in so many words, and he was right.  He didn't say that is how it should be.  He just said that is how it is.

Obama is trying to lose the war with ISIS

It's a good story, tough old bird, ex-PJ, fighting the good fight.  But then I get to this:

The line they oversee straddles the ISIS corridor to Syria, and is a key supply route to reinforce Mosul with both men and equipment. Yet even as the long-awaited move to retake Mosul is underway, the western front has been largely unguarded by the coalition of Iraqi army, Kurdish forces, Shia militia and U.S. advisersworking together against ISIS. 
“Conventional military wisdom says you encircle your enemy and defeat him," Shumock said. "For some reason, they’ve left the western side of Mosul all the way to Syria open, and, as the general told you, we see 500 vehicles moving every day, resupplying Mosul and Tal Afar. And there’s nothing we can do.”
As Trump pointed out repeatedly in the debates, it is bad enough that we are giving ISIS notice.  It is much worse that we are simply allowing them to come and go at their pleasure.  We are not only letting the leaders out, if there are any left, we are allowing resupply.  Why?

Cultural Sadeism

At its root, I would perhaps say that Leftism consists in the separation of the frontal cortex, the reasoning centers, from the limbic system, the brain stem, and the body.  Behavior is irrational daily.  Nothing makes sense.  Everything is driven by unacceptable, unacknowledged emotional needs, even when it appears outwardly rational and goal driven.  Jon Podesta is reasonably good at getting and keeping power.  What he is not good at is understanding who he is, what the point of life is, and why he does what he does.

And periodic reconnection with the emotional core is established through cruelty and masochism.  This is the root cause of NEEDING objects of hatred, of building a system which by design has outsiders, Others.

There is no structural difference between a Kulak, and a "racist".  Both are treated with extraordinary bias and bigotry, because they are needed within the system as sacrificial objects.

This madness has a beginning, and it can have an end, but only if we avoid a global flood of tyranny and pain.  I personally would prefer a nuclear conflagration to a slow descent into an Orwellian hell where every person I meet is smiling and lying to me.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Unless this guy is lying, Hillary is not going to be our President

New York City cops are now involved, as Weiner's laptop was initially seized in their jurisdiction, and for their investigation.  And they are saying if the FBI won't do its fucking job, they will do it for them.  This sounded like a 24-48 hour ultimatum.

Comey needs to either do his job, or his balls are going through the wringer.  There appears to me to be no third option.  Crimes are crimes, and charging people promptly when evidence is present is the job of law enforcement.  This is a very simple syllogism.

And charging Clinton now with a couple charges that will stick will be vastly better than risking letting her fraud apparatus win her the Presidency, then having to impeach her and remove her from office, leaving us with Creepy Kaine as our President.  Or worse yet, creating a situation where her very intricate and effective system of corruption keeps her out of jail completely.  As I posted a while back, whenever Bill Clinton was impeached, the fix was in at the outset, and there was never ANY CHANCE of him getting removed from office.  And he knew it.  The same may well apply to Hillary, although crimes against children turn everyone's stomach.

Guys: she should have been arrested MONTHS AGO.  You know this.  Do it now.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Jade Helm

I saw it as a rehearsal for the invasion of Texas.  But it would be equally applicable to a coup.

Again, I have no special knowledge and I am not suggesting policy.  My vote is always for peace.  

Thoughts on Steve Pieczenik

Here is another video, with Alex Jones:

Imagine what the NSA must have on Hillary and Bill.  Imagine what EVERY intelligence agency has on them, that has taken an interest.  Hillary made herself very, very easy to hack.  Do you think the people within our government who hate her did not notice, and did not take advantage of it?  We likely have people working for us who could hack the Pentagon with a TRS-80.

What I think may be going on is that these people in the shadows--and Obama no doubt desperately wants to know who they are, but hiding is what they do, and the CIA has limits--are basically telling Hillary that they know she has the ability to steal the election, but that it would be far, far better for her just to let this play out the way it is heading, which is a Trump blowout.  She might be able to stay out of jail if they don't share everything they know, but she will NOT be able to stay out of jail if any of hundreds of files showing blatant felonies are released.  They have the files, and they have a distribution method: among other contingencies, Wikileaks.

So they are saying, what's it going to be, bitch?

And Pieczenik talked about a soft coup.  This is the guy under whom the Delta Force was created in the wake of the debacle in Iran.  I posted some time ago a conversation some reporter had with a retired Marine officer--intelligence, if memory serves--and he said all our problems could be solved overnight just by taking about 100 people out in the street and shooting them. As I recall, he could name most of them off the top of his head.

I'm obviously not saying this should be done.  I'm saying this idea has likely occurred to many people, and should be taken seriously.

Hillary has committed all the crimes that make military and intelligence professionals heads spin.  She abandoned our men and left them to die, then lied about it.  She put Top Secret files on servers that were easy to hack.  She may well have gotten intelligence assets killed.  She takes bribes, then pursues policies that are the direct opposite of actual US interests.  She doesn't care about our troops.  She will crash the economy.  All of the disasters all these men and women have worked their asses off their whole lives to prevent become something between likely and certain under her.

Once the Supreme Court is finally corrupted--once it is added to the already long death toll of institutions whose integrity is dead, such as the FBI, DoJ, IRS, EPA--then freedom is what you can get away with, not something protected by the law.  Speech codes proceed apace.  "Hate Crime" laws are used to shut down non-conforming websites like InfoWars and Breitbart.  Copyright law is used to shut down Drudge.  Then all of us are operating in the dark, with a President who makes Nixon look like a 10 year old choirboy.  Then the crimes, which can't be reported, and wouldn't be reported anyway by most of the fawning and purchased media whores, multiply indefinitely.

So Hillary and her backers have a choice.  Do they cheat and risk losing everything?  Or do they just take their losses and go home, let their people kill the investigation, and get a few years of peace before one of the many illnesses confronting Hillary finally sends her into the abyss?

We will see.

A coup is going on right now

As I guessed a while back, the leaks are coming from AMERICANS, from people in our intelligence and military apparatus who are SICK of the attacks on our freedoms, on decency, on the rule of law, on transparency, on goodness itself.
Watch this video.  It describes something VERY important:
The guys name is Steve Pieczenik
From Wikipedia: Pieczenik is a Harvard University-trained psychiatrist and has a doctorate in international relations from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).[3]
Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry KissingerCyrus Vance and James Baker.[3] His expertise includes foreign policy, international crisis management and psychological warfare.[7] He served the presidential administrations of Gerald FordJimmy CarterRonald Reagan and George H.W. Bush in the capacity of deputy assistant secretary.
Put another way, this guy is really really smart, and very, very plugged in.  This should be taken seriously.