Sunday, November 6, 2016

A mandate for law breaking

As I think about it, if we elect Hillary EVEN AFTER ALL THIS, that amounts to a mandate for law breaking and crime.  It is the American people collectively saying: we don't care if you love this country, or if you are for sale, or if you are mishandling daily our best kept secrets for years.  We don't care if you lie, we don't care if you steal, we don't care about FUCKING ANYTHING.

Because, you know, you are a Democrat and a woman.

Jesus H. Christ.  I called it in 2008, but I am REALLY calling it this time.  We are done as a nation which deserves the right to govern itself. I can't of course know what will happen, but the writing is on the wall.  Every sacrifice every soldier has made for this country is rendered null and void.  The work of our Founders will be undone.  Everything good we have created will come under attack and fall, over some period of time.  We are decadent, and is what happens to decadent people.

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