Friday, November 4, 2016

Cultural Sadeism

At its root, I would perhaps say that Leftism consists in the separation of the frontal cortex, the reasoning centers, from the limbic system, the brain stem, and the body.  Behavior is irrational daily.  Nothing makes sense.  Everything is driven by unacceptable, unacknowledged emotional needs, even when it appears outwardly rational and goal driven.  Jon Podesta is reasonably good at getting and keeping power.  What he is not good at is understanding who he is, what the point of life is, and why he does what he does.

And periodic reconnection with the emotional core is established through cruelty and masochism.  This is the root cause of NEEDING objects of hatred, of building a system which by design has outsiders, Others.

There is no structural difference between a Kulak, and a "racist".  Both are treated with extraordinary bias and bigotry, because they are needed within the system as sacrificial objects.

This madness has a beginning, and it can have an end, but only if we avoid a global flood of tyranny and pain.  I personally would prefer a nuclear conflagration to a slow descent into an Orwellian hell where every person I meet is smiling and lying to me.

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