Thursday, November 24, 2016


It is astonishing to me--well, not really--that the same people who mocked conservatives for believing in rigged elections, and who excoriated Trump for refusing to say if he would accept the results of the election, are now doing all of the things they said should not be done, and they are doing it without a SHRED of recollection of propaganda memes they were repeating with enthusiasm three weeks ago.

What the Democrats have become really is emotionally and intellectually unwell. They are sick in their spirits.  Trump was honest: he said let's see how things turn out.  Hillary was DISHONEST, in that she said absolutely, categorically she would accept the results without question, and yet has made no effort to call off the people trying to undo the election, as if a 5 million signature petition to State Electors should mean shit when over a 100 million people just voted.

In my lifetime, there has NEVER been a more sustained and organized to overturn the results of an election.  In 2000, it really was very, very close.  But even in that case they were not calling for recounts in multiple States as the Democrats are, and there was ZERO effort to influence the Electors. They did not even play into it.

I try to be patient. I try to pretend these people honestly believe that they believe something.  But the fact is they don't.  They have no core beliefs.  There are no ideas which are sacred, other than conformity itself.  By the tens of thousands they blogged about how awful it was that Trump would not agree to accept the election results, and how wonderful and responsible it was that Hillary did.

Then they get a result they don't want, and ALL OF THIS is forgotten instantly.

I have said often I cannot fit my mind into boxes that small, but it is worse: to be on board with these clowns, I would have to systematically transfer my consciousness from one small box to another regularly, all while claiming that was where I was all along. I would have to forget where I was, and avoid thinking about the fact that I would likely soon need to move.

None of this is consistent with mental health.

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