Saturday, November 19, 2016


It is an unexamined and entirely inaccurate assumption that people who are diverse with respect to sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, etc., will somehow intrinsically differ enough that they can develop synergies that would not have happened otherwise.  This is the argument made for diversity, to the extent it is not simply a political club being wielded by the Left based on their assertion of what is right.

But if all those people think the same, what you have is dullness.  And in most cases, they do, if they are of the political Left.  Where you generate interesting Complexity--and that is what we want--is when you have people who THINK DIFFERENTLY, who have differing moral values, who have genuinely diverse perspectives.

This benefit of genuine diversity is suppressed in two ways: 1) conflating outer diversity with inner diversity; 2) hating and devaluing all alternative opinions.

When people think you can make general claims about people because they are not white, not straight, not male, you are dealing in the intellectually childlike world of primary and deep bigotry and prejudice.  You are in KKK territory.  It is that level of incuriosity, that level of ignorance about the Other.

How one can be ignorant about the largest demographic group in the country is an interesting question.  The simplest answer seems to be the long term practice of both telling and believing lies about them, while living in a world which accepts it, and rejects all alternative inputs and narratives.  By living in a bubble, in other words.

White southerners had a stronger case for judging black people--who as a matter of policy were kept ignorant (a policy which indeed largely continues today, in that the Left does not want blacks to have access to high quality educations)--than Leftists have for judging the white men who created this country, created the concept of tolerance, created the universities they thrive in, created the scientific method, and created virtually all the technology they depend on daily.  Those are no small feats.

As long as white people are the bad guys, Democrats are going to continue to contract.  Nobody likes racism, and we are no exceptions.

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