Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I asserted that true Leftism inherently requires the sacrifice of a core self, in a way even the military--which offers an unchanging code it takes seriously--does not.  A soldier can say "this mission does not accord with our core values; or with the law", as the drone operators did a few months ago in asserting that our policies in Yemen were CREATING, not destroying terrorists, and who were punished by our government for it.

Superficially, though, Leftists are granted the "identity" of identity politics.  I read, in what seems too farcical to be made up, that Tinder lists some 37 "genders".  Each of these is an identity, are they not?  They are shallow identities, but they are labels one can use.

But who are you?  Is this really a question anyone can or should be able to answer in anything approaching a serious fashion with mere words?  You are THAT.  You are what you are, and limiting your description to what you do with your penis or vagina or mouth is absurdly reductive.

But people have been conditioned to accept this.  You are black.  You are white.  You are gay.  You are straight.  All have political consequences.

Our future, if we are to have a future, requires reconnecting with what is deep within us, and becoming multidimensional in awareness, as we clearly are in reality.

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