Sunday, November 6, 2016

Doors and walls

A door, especially a door with a lock on it, says "no, you can't come in here without asking".  The logic of allowing unlimited, unregulated, unchecked immigration into the United States because a wall is wrong, is the same as that which would be required if one were to not just leave the door to one's house unlocked, but remove it entirely.

This is farcical.  We live in a world where people have been made so fucking stupid that the simplest elements of common sense escape them.  Every other country in the world requires some form of Voter ID, or so I am told.  In some cases it is a fingerprint, but there is something.

There are not any nations in Latin America, I'm quite sure, who do not assert the right to control their borders, even if in practice they are porous.

The stink of idiocy is strong on this country.  As I said in 2008, we can undo the harms of any individual politician, but it is going to be very, very hard to uncorrupt minds CAPABLE of not just believing, but embracing enthusiastically, the continual stream of lies, half truths, omissions and destructiveness streaming from the political Left.  We are being talked into national suicide and people are too complacent and ignorant to understand it.

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