Sunday, November 6, 2016

FBI and the Hatch Act

There is nothing in the Hatch Act about prosecutors doing their jobs.  Knowing nothing more about it than that it was passed in the late 1930's, we can safely assume it was a Republican bill intended to curb FDR's countless abuses of power, which often included what amounted to publicly funded bribes.

You can Google it and read it.  It simply says political leaders within the bureaucratic apparatus should not campaign for specific candidates and causes.  It says nothing about law enforcement doing its job, and it would seem obvious that the Americans of the 1930's would stare in disbelief at our present political system, in which we stand poised to possibly give the most important job in the world to someone we KNOW is a crook, we know got good Americans killed pointlessly then lied about it.

This time is astonishing.  I know I can track the lies, who told them, and what their purposes were, but it is still a daily source of astonishment that people can be made to believe them.

As far as Hillary, if Comey waits for an indictment until AFTER the election, if Hillary wins, he is going to have rioting on the streets on both sides.  Trump supporters because he had a DUTY to tell us, and Hillary supporters because they will assume it is politically motivated.

Particularly if the charges are as serious as alleged, particularly pedophilia--and the evidence substantial, as alleged, then that needs to come out NOW.  If the American people then STILL want to vote for Hillary, and the voting seems on the up and up, then I will accept that result, and simply start making plans to move to a nation where people are not batshit insane.

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