Thursday, November 24, 2016

Fighting fire with fire

It's not at all impossible that Democrats can still ballot stuff enough boxes in these "recounts" to influence the election.  As long as they want to pull these bullshit stunts, I think Trump ought to target States he lost, like Virginia, and any other states where it is likely many illegals voted, and ask for recounts within the timelines allowed.  It is conceivable that the Democrats could still pull off massive fraud--and I want to point out they are the only ones who have ever, to my knowledge, been credibly accused of it--and get the votes they need after the deadlines for recounts have run out in other States.

I don't know all the details, but it is fucking obvious that these assclowns are doing exactly what would have horrified them if it had been done by Trump and his supporters, and they are doing something which has never been done in modern American political history.

My feeling is if they pulled it off somehow, many of them would die in the streets.  They think they are tough, but the people with combat experience and most of the guns will be filled with a rage that will not be quenched through pleas for calm, or fear of a law which will show itself as being useless and vitiated if we put Hillary in office.

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