Saturday, November 19, 2016


They called on Pence to stand up for ALL Americans.  Can they honestly claim to believe, without guilt or a long list of qualifiers, that Obama or the Democrats generally, have stood up for ALL Americans?  No, they have stood up for a series of special interest groups, which all together still do not constitute a majority of Americans.

Look at the red on the Electoral Map.  Those are the Americans who feel Obama and the Democrats failed to stand up for them. On the contrary, they felt it their duty to stand up TO them, to people who feel no shame in patriotism, or the path of our history, or in traditional families, or belief in God and the Christian faith, in hard work, personal responsibility, and the huge importance of political freedom.

To paraphrase James Watt, if we got two trannies, a queer, 3 jews, 5 blacks, a cripple, someone with an IQ under 50, a spastic, 2 each of @black women, @asian women, @hispanic women, @white women, and ALL OF THEM THINK THE SAME, we have a room full of drones, still.  There is no meaningful diversity.

Politically, the diversity that MATTERS is thinking differently, approaching problems differently, coming from differing cultures we do not have to apologize for.

Trump, unlike Obama, will in my view stand for all Americans.  It's about damn time somebody did.

Edit: as I think about it, is literally seems to be the underlying thought process that you can commodify difference, that it is a measurable thing, and not something much more subtle, such as the difference in personalities between two sisters.

I had a related bigger thought today I am going to need to mull over a bit, and likely smoke on.

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