Wednesday, November 9, 2016


A lot of people are grieving right now.  Some are doing their best to hope for the best, and I think as conservatives we need to reach out to these people and reassure them.  We are and always have been the better people, and there is no better way of showing that than being magnanimous in victory.

Don't hold these people in contempt.  Yes, if they react in reflexive anger and that hate they have been taught so long to value there is no reason to do anything but avoid them.

But if they are probing and questioning, if they are saying things like "will my son be deported", or will black people be respected, etc. tell the truth, which is that Trump is a decent human being.  We probably will stop taking refugees from places where large segments of the population wants to kill us, but my honest guess is that after he deports the criminals among the illegals in this country, and shuts down Sanctuary Cities, and starts again enforcing the laws of our nation, that amnesty of some sort will be granted to the vast bulk of people here illegally.  This, after effective border control measures are implemented, including walls along long stretches of our border with Mexico.  This has been my vote all along.

I do think it would be reasonable to deport people who have come here in the last 4 years or so.  What exactly will happen is unclear.  Decisions will certainly be made, though, and executed.

But many of the fears people are expressing are ridiculous, and I guess what I am saying is that rather than laugh at and mock them, I would encourage people to comfort and reassure them that Trump really will be the President for all of us, rather than that of the elites, as Obama has been, and as Hillary would have been.
This is why he won.  

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