Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Now the fight begins

This election cycle has brought to the surface all the ugliness underlying the carefully crafted outer appearance of civility, caring and compassion that the Left has so assiduously cultivated for so many decades. The demons and ghouls are out in the open, and they are PISSED.

All of my work posting--my trying to understand and describe what I see--has had as its purpose helping to contribute to what I have always considered a fighting retreat.  We have been on our heels for decades.  Even Reagan had to contend with a solidly Democrat Congress for all of his eight years.

What Trumps election represents is an end to the retreat.  It is by no means the end of the fight.  Politically, it will be the equivalent of house to house, room by room fighting.  The shrieking will be continuous for a very long time.  Anyone who needs a safe space for protection from non-existent crimes and threats will obviously feel an existential threat in someone as unabashedly pro-America, pro-Progress as Trump.  Weakness breeds fear and fear breeds hatred and violence.

I do think we will see a lot of violence tonight, in many places.  You can't plan a riot at 3am, but you can with a day intervening and a concession speech from Hillary.

But the riots will only prove us right.  We are not the violent ones.  We are not the hateful ones.  We are not the ones animated by spite, greed and anger.  The darkness is on them, those who lie, cheat and steal in the service of nothing, no meaningful principle, no carefully thought out program.  The Soviets did not care if their programs worked, and the Leftists in America don't care now.  It was never about ameliorating the human condition, building bridges between people, or pursuing a deeper, more spiritual life.  Inherently, any cult based on conformity cannot but degrade humanity.  We need ACTUAL diversity to thrive, and we lack it in far too many places, but particularly in what should be hothouses filled with countless breeds of ideas--our universities.

Instead, generations of intellectual in-breeding and insufficient light have bred monsters.  And those monsters will not be tolerant in coming years.  They will not be silent.  And they will not be peaceful.  That is my prediction.  But bringing all this out in the open easily gives the lie to notions of their compassion and caring.

People may well wake up.  That was the point of my previous post.  There are degrees of moral and intellectual degradation, and it is the nature of human life to seek order, and I foresee many people suddenly taking an in-breath, and wondering why there is a knife in their hand, and where they were going, and how they got there.  These people should be treated gently and with patience. 

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