Monday, November 7, 2016

NYPD: three positive spins, one negative

It really seemed to me like Eric Prince had solid, highly plausible intelligence when he said that the NYPD forced the reopening of the email case.  They said that if the FBI didn't do it's job--and they didn't--that they would release the emails to the public.  This obviously hasn't happened.  Today would have been the day, since many Americans will vote on the way to work tomorrow, likely before they watch any news.

Positive Scenario one: Wikileaks has been under attack, and perhaps they could not upload them, but will soon, or will find an alternative distribution method, which, if the key allegations are true, will certainly result in a widespread outcry that no law enforcement will be able to suppress short of riot police and a mass violence that will make things WORSE. Which should, even in this Alice in Wonderland, or Machiavelli in his home turf, world, result in criminal charges, convictions and substantial jail time.

2) They are going to wait and see if Trump wins outright.  DoOJ--the Department of the Obstruction of Justice--has been threatening them, and it may be they are willing to pay the cost, but only if they have to.  They will release everything if Trump loses, and only if he loses.

3) My favorite: Comey, Hillary and what would amount to the Trump campaign reached a deal that if Hillary calls off all the people who were going to cheat to win her the election, and allows Trump to win, then they will close these investigations and she can finish her life in peace.  Trump might have even granted Obama the right to pardon her.  Me personally, I have always been a wheeler and dealer.  You can't always get everything you want.  Very often you have to settle for the best you can get.  Trump knows this better than just about anybody.  I would assume that if he could get a deal like this, that more or less guarantees him the White House in exchange for not prosecuting the Clinton crime family, he would take it.  He can do so much good, and most of the Clinton crimes exist in the past.  With this deal, he would more or less prevent future crimes.  I would try, of course, to get the dissolution of the Clinton Foundation on the table, in exchange for dropping the investigation.  You do no more wrong in the future, and you stay out of jail for what you did in the past.

4) It is also possible that the usual methods of threat, bribery and coercion were effective, and the NYPD, or the parts that matter, have been permanently silenced.

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