Sunday, November 13, 2016

Perennial crucifixion

God did not nail Christ up to the cross.  He was nailed up as the result of human evil--human ignorance, pride, stupidity, greed, vanity, intolerance.  He was the victim of the Beast within all human breasts.

And the Church which bears his name inverted it all.  Where he spoke God they speak demon.  Where he spoke freedom they speak submission.  Where he spoke individuation, they speak collectivism.  Where he spoke heaven, they speak hell.

Self evidently, freedom is not living in a world where all are slaves to an ideology or a tyrant, where one sees the same closed eyes and same closed hearts everywhere one travels, all looking to heaven and sinking like stones.

The crucifixion happens whenever light attempts to enter into our souls and we smother it because we fear it, because we fear where it may lead us, because as bad as our circumstances and feelings may be, we always dread worse.  And so what is good is killed, smothered, battered and left to die.

This is the human condition as it exists today.  Not everywhere, not with everyone: of course not.  And things are gradually improving, in fits and starts.  Good psychology is emerging, useful understandings are taking the place of old cliches, about sin and redemption.  Political philosophy consistent with actual individual liberty and open and honest spiritual striving has come into being.

I don't know why I pretend to be a prophet, but I write as the spirit moves me, so I guess that is something.  Whatever else I am, I am resolutely connected to the ideal of living my own life, and no one else's.  Give me my pain, but also grant me my wings.

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