Saturday, November 26, 2016


The Left has made White Equivalency equal to White Supremacy.  Unless we are willing to "own" our sins--without any reference to our extraordinary number of accomplishments, including ending slavery, and inventing representative,  Constitutional government--and confess ourselves inferior, then we are subjected to vicious bigotry and hate speech, particularly by our self loathing own.

I'm proud to be a white man, and the descendant of our Founding Fathers, of Newton and Galileo, Einstein, Planck and Heisenberg, Shakespeare, Mozart, and Plato. I see no reason not to be proud.

Historically, it seems to be the case that Sub-Saharan Africa is the only major cultural area which never invented the wheel.  This seems to be the case because they invented slavery so early on, and thus had people to carry their shit, that they never really needed it.

Extraordinarily, many stupid young Americans seem to think white people invented slavery.  No: we ended it.  No other culture has objected to it, of which I am aware.  Even the Native Americans--many if not all of them--kept slaves.  And Muslims in large numbers are taking and keeping slaves even to this very day, not just in the Middle East, but in Africa and Malaysia.

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