Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Electors

I see the list of Electors in the States which did not swing Hillary has been published, and death threats are being made against some of them.  One, I would hope that the police are getting involved, because any threat against ANYONE, much less someone performing a role within government, is illegal.  Terroristic threatening should be punished, punished massively and punished publicly through announced arrests.

Second, though, even in the highly unlikely event this violence is making people more, not less, likely to change their votes, Trump could easily present a credible case that the election was unfairly influenced by organized, illegal activity, which could potentially be prosecuted under RICO.  Their threats are most likely going to have the effect of increasing the relish with which the Electors will vote Trump, but will in any event become a separate factor in the lawsuits which would undoubtedly follow an unprecedented Elector coup d'etat.

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