Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Europeans and Zeno's Moral Paradox

One paradox was a runner, who ran halfway to the finish line, then halfway again, then halfway again, such that while in continual motion he never actually reached the finish line. He approached it asymptotically.

Morally, in Europe, you have one group of formally decadent people, who believe that the "truth is always in the middle", and another group of traditional, tribal people, who believe that the truth is absolute, knowable, and known with no defects by all adherents of the one true faith.

Inevitably, absent a moral renaissance--a rebirth, or reawakening--the center of gravity is Islam.  They give their first halving, by saying they will accept swimming pools and trains segregated by gender.  They give their second halving by telling their women not to "provoke" the wild beasts.  They give their third halving by allowing Sharia in some places.

At some point, they stand one foot from the finish line, and only self delusion and recollections of past glories prevents them from realizing they have lost all claim to virtue--to true Liberalism--they once possessed, and have instead sunk into the pit of a brutal creed hatched in the unforgiving deserts of 7th century Saudi Arabia, one which hates gays, hates women, hates diversity, hates "progress", and which demands of its votaries complete submission in all aspects of their lives.

We truly live in an extraordinary period.  The Islamists are TELLING us what they want to do, and nobody--or few--have the balls to stop them.

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