Sunday, November 13, 2016

The necessity of Judgement

One of the first things necessary to end segregation was to call it wrong.  It was necessary to call Apartheid wrong.

And it remains necessary to call the treatment of women by Muslim nations wrong.  It remains necessary to call their treatment of gays wrong. It remains necessary to call their radical intolerance of all beliefs and practices different from their own wrong. People funded by Saudi Arabia are LITERALLY crucifying people in public streets for the "crime" of being different.

We read that it is insulting and demeaning to single out Muslims as a group we do not want.  GOOD!!!  Perhaps they will do some introspecting, and ask why we would feel that way.  By and large, they know how we are.  They watch our movies, and television, and likely play our video games, at least in the wealthier homes.

And by and large they seem to hold us in contempt, because we do not believe in ourselves.  We preach equality of the sexes, but ignore their refusal to allow women to go to school, to drive, in many cases to even leave the house without a male relative.  There is no mass condemnation of the gang rapes and murders practiced particularly by our nominal ally Pakistan.

There is no effort that can be called serious in Europe to ask them to integrate, or to punish those who call for the overthrow of their adopted countries, and their Liberal systems of law.

There is no outcry when homosexuals are beheaded in public squares after trials.

No one objected to the shaming of Southern white segregationists.  No one objected to the boycotts and divestments associated with undermining Apartheid.

Surely there is nothing wrong with refusing to allow in people practicing similar and often worse creeds, PARTICULARLY when they are surrounded by their coreligionists, who could easily allow them in as refugees?

These people do not think like we do, granted.  They are nasty, selfish, mean.  They have allowed the refugees from a war in 1948 that THEY STARTED to languish for 68 years.  Generations have been born and have died in refugee camps.

But this is not our fault.  And a large problem the so-called Palestinians have had is that they shit everywhere they go, and nobody wants them.  The Jordanians don't want them, the Lebanese don't want them, and the Syrians have not wanted them.  To a great extent, these fools have brought this fate on themselves.  Do not pity people whose whole aim in life is to use your pity as a weapon against you.

We have no moral obligation to accept millions of Syrians.  On the contrary, we have an obligation to destroy ISIS, to allow some structure to be rebuilt, and when that happens, all of these people will have homes again.

Trump needs to stand his ground on this issue. How else can we spark needed discussions?  How else can we get these appalling social practices changed?

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