Monday, November 14, 2016

The New Democrats

I think it would be useful to describe the street protests--the flag burnings, the Mexican flags, the calls for the assassination of Trump, the calls for and actual violence directed at Trump supporters--as a precipitation of the headless ones.  They were hidden in masses, but were not obvious to many people.

Ponder people with Mexican flags marching against Trump.  They are not just saying it is OK that they are here illegally, but that it is NOT OK that the rest of us are here, and voting, even though we were born here and this is our country.  What a shitty attitude.

And it seems likely to me that many people who have been lifelong Democrats because their parents were Democrats, and their parents before them, are going to look at all this and say: this is not my party.  These are not my people.  Indeed, I suspect many did in the election already.

There was a time when it was possible to say that Democrats and Republicans both loved this country, and simply differed on how to improve it, how to protect it, how to govern it.

But when you burn an American flag, you are turning your back on individual rights, on the rule of law, on a tradition of peaceful negotiation of difference.  You are shitting on the very ideals which allow you to be a complete fucking idiot in public.

Of course this makes sense to many people, but I doubt very much that what the Democrats have manifestly become will ever appeal to more than perhaps  one fifth of the population.  Everyone who values common sense and common decency will shudder, and run the other way.  It is ugly, grotesque, scary, what they have become, and they have now become it in public, in very obvious, very blatant, undeniable ways.

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