Sunday, November 20, 2016

The next civil rights struggle

It has no doubt occurred to the authoritarian minds who represent the core of the current professional Left, that they could compile lists of names from social media and systematically discriminate against them.  The overt pretext would be the conflation of Trump support and racism and other -isms which in this present world constitute dissidence/deviance/non-compliance.

Logically, as objects of systemic discrimination, the remedy in the current world would be either judicial protection, or if we want to take the logic of the Left and use it against it, some form of Affirmative Action in places like universities which are systematically lacking in diversity.

Given the cauldrons of pernicious indoctrination so many of our public schools have become, I personally would support the latter option.

Consider this: it is certainly the case that people who lack practical talent, and lack professional grade social skills both gravitate to academia, and to Leftism.  But consider also that the practical necessity of conformity in any university career to the social norms of one's colleagues is absolute, and you get a system which is virtually guaranteed to exclude conservatives.  On the one hand, conservatives shun such careers because they know they will be hated, and on the other only Leftists can count on promotions and tenure.  There is a both a self selection process and an institutional selection process.

The likelihood of being either forced to hide my politics for a long period of time, or to face an inability to get a good tenured job, was one of the factors which played into my own decision not to continue graduate school in the Humanities.

Republicans in many quarters literally are pariahs.  We are discriminated against, to the extent possible.  We are being beaten in the streets by people who proclaim love and practice extraordinarily prejudicial violence.

Now is the time for such policies.  Trump can simply declare that universities receiving public money must demonstrate a commitment to ideological and cultural diversity.

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