Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The obvious

To the very evident satisfaction at her correct answer on the part of the media, Hillary promised at least twice to accept the results of the elections.  No ambiguity.  Zero.  Self evidently, everyone assumed that the accepting would have to be done by Trump, but he can blast her relentlessly--he can run the video on loop-- if she wants to backpedal now and pretend that whatever fraud there was, was done by Republicans TO Democrats, rather than the other way around, and open up multiple investigations, a lot of her people, in my view, are going to wind up in jail after Trump wins anyway.  The mood--the Tao--is clearly not in her favor.  The tide is going out, rapidly, and she may still stay out of jail if she keeps her fucking mouth shut.

He is not going to investigate too carefully if he doesn't have to, but if she wants to raise a big stink, LOTS of her people will likely go to jail, and she has to know that.

Hillary: you lost honestly, and you fucking know it.  Concede, then go crawl under a rock.  Trump is not going to be pushed around, and you know these numbers were real. You lost PENNSYLVANIA for God's sake, likely as a result of Amish and others in the middle of the State who have never voted in their lives. 

Move on.  Isn't that a motto of yours?

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