Thursday, November 10, 2016

The power of evil

It is in the nature of children to play, to pile blocks, one on the other, to minister to their dolls, to move sand around, to climb up and down from the couch, to experiment and explore.  This is how they find and use their power in a healthy way.

When they do not feel safe doing this, when this natural energy that wells up in them and is expressed in the world is stunted by chronic anxiety and experientially warranted fear, they do not establish a gut level connection with the expression of their power to move the world.  There is no easy in and out between in here and out there.  It becomes problematic, and when this happens, a feeling of relative helplessness ensues.

The nature of the human organism is it tries to correct deficiencies, and psychologically it tends to overcompensate.  Where there is fear, there will be aggression.  Where there is helplessness there will be a quest for power and control.

In an adult who has not been socialized properly, who is suffering from unseen because primal traumas, it is best to imagine the healthy quest for power as existing in a suspended, timeless, inactive state.  This is the wax museum I have sometimes described that I feel in Leftists, that I felt in Sade.  120 Days of Sodom could be seen as consisting in hundreds of dioramas that never change.  There is no actual motion anywhere in the book.  Everything is frozen, dead.  A paralysis is on the world, which can never change, never evolve.

I found the mythos of the Dr. Strange interesting.  The main villain seeks a world beyond time and death.  He wants the many to become the few, and the few one.  And the one to be suspended in one pose for something beyond an eternity, since time does not exist.  But what role could consciousness possibly play in a world without motion?  None.  His deathlessness is actually lifelessness.  To live is to die, and to move is to die, to change and evolve, to not remain the same.  If it is a death to change from moment to moment, then dying continually is our task if we want to live healthily.

But what a ritual dedicated to evil--and these can exist in many forms, as there is a ritualistic quality to much left wing activity--accomplishes is it creates a bridge between the present world of that person/those people, and the suspended power within them.  That energy comes flowing out, and in the process creates the illusion of motion.  It is a motion confined to that time and space, and so it is necessarily temporary.  It must be repeated regularly for that person to maintain some outer sense of wellness.

What it is NOT is integration.  What it is NOT is a movement towards wholeness.

Frits Perls used to say "the only way out is through", and I believed this for a long time.  But pushing is often counterproductive.  If you attack a latent powerlessness in yourself with violence, it hardens and resists.  It becomes worse.

The way out is out.  That is my formulation.  What I mean is that we have to expand.  All of our limitations exist as a sort of knot within our psychospiritual energy flow, and they have to be ALLOWED to release, to grow, to add their pace, their sense of time, their unique contributions to our consciousness, such that over time we feel larger, more encompassing.  We can go more places and do more things and still feel at home in our latent power.

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