Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Thoughts on Steve Pieczenik

Here is another video, with Alex Jones:

Imagine what the NSA must have on Hillary and Bill.  Imagine what EVERY intelligence agency has on them, that has taken an interest.  Hillary made herself very, very easy to hack.  Do you think the people within our government who hate her did not notice, and did not take advantage of it?  We likely have people working for us who could hack the Pentagon with a TRS-80.

What I think may be going on is that these people in the shadows--and Obama no doubt desperately wants to know who they are, but hiding is what they do, and the CIA has limits--are basically telling Hillary that they know she has the ability to steal the election, but that it would be far, far better for her just to let this play out the way it is heading, which is a Trump blowout.  She might be able to stay out of jail if they don't share everything they know, but she will NOT be able to stay out of jail if any of hundreds of files showing blatant felonies are released.  They have the files, and they have a distribution method: among other contingencies, Wikileaks.

So they are saying, what's it going to be, bitch?

And Pieczenik talked about a soft coup.  This is the guy under whom the Delta Force was created in the wake of the debacle in Iran.  I posted some time ago a conversation some reporter had with a retired Marine officer--intelligence, if memory serves--and he said all our problems could be solved overnight just by taking about 100 people out in the street and shooting them. As I recall, he could name most of them off the top of his head.

I'm obviously not saying this should be done.  I'm saying this idea has likely occurred to many people, and should be taken seriously.

Hillary has committed all the crimes that make military and intelligence professionals heads spin.  She abandoned our men and left them to die, then lied about it.  She put Top Secret files on servers that were easy to hack.  She may well have gotten intelligence assets killed.  She takes bribes, then pursues policies that are the direct opposite of actual US interests.  She doesn't care about our troops.  She will crash the economy.  All of the disasters all these men and women have worked their asses off their whole lives to prevent become something between likely and certain under her.

Once the Supreme Court is finally corrupted--once it is added to the already long death toll of institutions whose integrity is dead, such as the FBI, DoJ, IRS, EPA--then freedom is what you can get away with, not something protected by the law.  Speech codes proceed apace.  "Hate Crime" laws are used to shut down non-conforming websites like InfoWars and Breitbart.  Copyright law is used to shut down Drudge.  Then all of us are operating in the dark, with a President who makes Nixon look like a 10 year old choirboy.  Then the crimes, which can't be reported, and wouldn't be reported anyway by most of the fawning and purchased media whores, multiply indefinitely.

So Hillary and her backers have a choice.  Do they cheat and risk losing everything?  Or do they just take their losses and go home, let their people kill the investigation, and get a few years of peace before one of the many illnesses confronting Hillary finally sends her into the abyss?

We will see.

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