Sunday, November 27, 2016

Trumo has won the election

By honest tallied--USA Today by this metric is fake news--Trump has 307 Electoral Votes. Even in the extremely unlikely event this is reversed by fraud in the recount to 380--10 for Wisconsin and 17 for Michigan--he still wins. To flip the results they need to come up with over 100,000 voted in Pennsylvania. I can see the Usual Suspects saying "100,000? Are you fucking crazy? We can add a few hundred here and there but a difference that big and a full blown investigation is s certainty and we are not going to jail for her, not now, for nothing."

And keep in mind all the Electors that matter for us are Republicans. Given that Trump is trying to make good with Uber-Never-Trumper Mitt Romney, and given his overall moderation thus far--one might even say wisdom and good sense--what peg do any residual Never Trumpets have to hang their hats on? What valid excuse can they offer for failing to perform their fiduciary duties?

And more generally, the lack of integrity and respect for our system--indeed, the FUND RAISING Jill Stein seems to be doing on the backs of mourning Hillary voters, to whom she is dangling false hopes--will almost certainly sour all but the most deluded, hard core Democrats on their own Party, AND on the Green Party. These are not serious people with substantive policies who love our country. That train left long ago. These are envenomed radicals who recognize no restraints or rules in the pursuit of power.

I suspect many people have defected and will continue to defect from the party of their parents and grandparents. It is no longer good enough that the Democrats were once the party of the New Deal and the working man. Their shift to both radicalism and complete functional indifference to what were their core constituencies is complete. Blacks can expect nothing. Working men and women can expect nothing.

We have literally transitioned from a prospect of never seeing a Republican President again to never seeing a Democrat again. We need a hack-proof election system, including national voter ID laws approved by the Supremes. We need to boot out a coupe million illegals and close the border, and with sound policy and economic growth, it's Republicans as far as the eye can see.

In this respect, we should strongly encourage the Dems to adopt Keith Ellison as their leader. 

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