Thursday, November 17, 2016


I don't think we went a week between whenever Trump announced his candidacy and the present which was not called Trump's "worst week ever".  They are making a fucking story out of his going to dinner.

This won't stop simply because the people resoundingly repudiated the media.  What will happen is that numbers for Drudge and Breitbart and Infowars and Frontpagemag and others will continue to go up, and all the people doing the hyperventilating will see their numbers go down even more.

Yes, there is a built in constituency of about 40% of the Electorate that wants all this bad news.  But if it was not obvious before, it should be obvious now that the breakfast and dinner tables constitute "social media", and Mark Zuckerberg can't do shit about what intact families discuss at home and in family gatherings.

And most of us GET that the New York Times is fake news.  MSNBC is all spin, all the time.  They don't try to report the news: they try to CREATE it.  And a fucking bangup job they have done: they have convinced large segment of the electorate that our next President is Hitler, despite ZERO evidence that could even BEGIN to back up such insane, irresponsible, reckless, and likely even criminal claims.

This election plainly did not stop with the election.  They are trying every trick they can think of--and when it comes to cheating and bullying, the Left is quite inventive--to pretend that the American People did not tell them to go fuck themselves.

So, as I said: block by block, building by building.  Every time Trump takes a shit or sneezes we are going to hear "scandal".  This can't go on forever without everyone losing patience, though.  Until now, it was possible for viewers to cling to the idea that this latest scandal, this latest "worst week ever", would finally end Trump.  Once he is in office, that narrative is very quickly going to lose steam.  It's tiring and pointless.

All this relentless propagandizing is destroying the Left.  As I have said, for propaganda to work, you have to live in that bubble.  Once you realize that everyone around you is telling you lies, getting away with it consistently is impossible.  The circle of the initiates, the membership in the cult, shrinks rapidly.  Only a small, utterly indoctrinated group would contemplate someone like Ellison as party chair, but that seems to be the direction they are going.

Yes, you can hijack a party, and push it to the Left.  This has been done.  But once you lose the trust of the rank and file, once you SHOW THEM beyond any reasonable doubt, that you are a radical, what you have left is an irrelevant fringe.

Republicans did not just win the Presidency and both houses of Congress.  We made gains in virtually all State legislatures.  The Democrat tide is going out, because they chose to separate themselves from psychologically healthy people just trying to live normal lives.  They have nothing to offer such people.  They are not the party of the working class.  They have not helped blacks and Latinos.  They don't support economic growth.  What is left that matters to most people?

As it has evolved, the real root purpose of the Democrat Party is to give meaning and purpose to rudderless drones who are unevolved emotionally, instinctively hostile to most of the world, and intellectually incurious.  They might read Marx and Chomsky and Zinn, but only to reaffirm their biases.  Curiosity is seeking out the new, and that is not something they do. If you are not one of them, they hate you, and their Party is only too happy to support them in that.  It is a cult.  The leadership may change, but the facts do not.

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