Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trumps play on voter fraud

I would make the simple case that he wins, then all is forgiven.  No prosecutions will be forthcoming, and a nationwide review of our voting process will be undertaken, and sane measures--like those used in Mexico, which include paper ballots as hard to forge as money, the right for representatives of all concerned parties to be present during counts and as needed recounts, photos of the ballots, and of course the same law that exists everywhere else in the world: the necessity of verifying your identity to vote.

If he loses, then lawsuits galore, and prosecutions as possible.  Now, sane people recognize that our misnamed Department of Justice has been corrupted.  We have the Attorney General in effect pleading the 5th to CONGRESS.  She is not going to prosecute the people outed by James O'Keefe's sting videos, despite the fact that multi-state voter fraud is clearly a Federal crime.

We can in no respect depend on these people to do their jobs in a national election.  They will do everything they can, on the contrary, to press Trump to concede, even if the evidence is massive and clear.

But not all Democrats are corrupt.  I at least choose to believe this.  At the State and local levels there likely remain judges and prosecutors still willing to do their jobs; governors who care about election integrity.  No matter who promises what, the on the ground troops cannot depend on avoiding prosecution, and cannot depend on there being no investigation--as they have been able to in past years--and so cannot depend on staying out of jail.  And for serial or serious offenders, its one count per vote, or so I understand.  Long, long sentences are possible. And the higher ups cannot depend on the people downstream not turning on them en masse.  Me, I would make deals all the way up the line to get to the kingpins of corruption.

And even in a complete failure of our system, if I were him, I would sue PERSONALLY all people suspected of voter fraud.  Some investigation will happen.  Some consequences will occur.  And again, you put the squeeze on these people, then work your way up.

I just don't know what people who are capable of this level of deceit can claim to believe.  Yes, some people are sick and crooked, and ethically "unavailable".  But what ordinary, sane, morally normal person would be OK with being on the side of people who shit on our ideals of election integrity, fairness, and that comfortable manner of affluent and safe living that we call the American Way?  Do you hate your kids?  Do you WANT to live in a world where large corporations rule everything and everyone is on the take, openly, as will more or less be the case under Queen Hillary?

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