Thursday, November 3, 2016

Unless this guy is lying, Hillary is not going to be our President

New York City cops are now involved, as Weiner's laptop was initially seized in their jurisdiction, and for their investigation.  And they are saying if the FBI won't do its fucking job, they will do it for them.  This sounded like a 24-48 hour ultimatum.

Comey needs to either do his job, or his balls are going through the wringer.  There appears to me to be no third option.  Crimes are crimes, and charging people promptly when evidence is present is the job of law enforcement.  This is a very simple syllogism.

And charging Clinton now with a couple charges that will stick will be vastly better than risking letting her fraud apparatus win her the Presidency, then having to impeach her and remove her from office, leaving us with Creepy Kaine as our President.  Or worse yet, creating a situation where her very intricate and effective system of corruption keeps her out of jail completely.  As I posted a while back, whenever Bill Clinton was impeached, the fix was in at the outset, and there was never ANY CHANCE of him getting removed from office.  And he knew it.  The same may well apply to Hillary, although crimes against children turn everyone's stomach.

Guys: she should have been arrested MONTHS AGO.  You know this.  Do it now.

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