Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Voter Fraud, perhaps a better play.

Offer $1-10 million (or whatever, but obviously the more the better) reward for evidence of voter fraud, with the higher limit consisting in evidence of device level tampering. Add to this of course, immunity from prosecution.

These things are coordinated. On the ground fraud happens with people not paid all that much, people whose loyalty to Hillary is likely open to question. In any criminal enterprise, once the reward goes public. Everyone starts looking at everyone else nervously. It's like the Prisoners dilemma among career thieves. Somebody is likely to break, for that amount of money, especially if they can keep their identity confidential, which I would also make a part of the deal.

Best case we ca avert fraud outright--have a fair election--but a new second best case is we document how it was fixed, at least in part, and somebody lands on a big pile of money.

Edit: the RNC could this as well. They must have a big pile left over from all the money they refuse to spend on Trump himself.

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