Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Voter Fraud

I am seeing more coverage of negative stories about Hillary, and it occurs to me that in the current circumstances, mass voter fraud might prove very, very dangerous.  Some people involved have likely been doing it for decades, and if Hillary wins in questionable circumstances--and polling data shows CLEAR Trump momentum, even the doctored ones--then there WILL be an investigation. They were able to count on Mitt Romney backing down, since he was and is a genteel loser, and a member of the system.  John McCain, who has shown that loyalty no longer remains one of his virtues, likewise.

There is no reason not to believe Trump when he says he will demand an investigation.  Such an investigation, if conducted honestly--and not all segments of our system are broken, I am sure, as there remain likely even honest Democrats willing and able to do their jobs honestly--would result in arrests and convictions.  These people really do risk jail time, this time.

And who would want to go to jail for such a horribly flawed candidate?  Obama was able to read his teleprompter with such seeming sincerity that he set people on fire with enthusiasm.  Hillary can't manage even that.  She is a frumpy, sick, career liar, abuser of women, foreign policy failure, and Wife of Bill, which we now know is a badge of shame.  And according to John Podesta, she always has an unpleasant odor about her, like she doesn't bathe enough.

Who, now, will set themselves on fire for her?  Who, now, can say jail time was well worth investing her with our highest office, when we KNOW that nothing important will change, except that we might get the nuclear war most of us have dreaded our entire adult lives.

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