Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Voter Fraud


This is some scary stuff. It is unbelievably easy to manipulate vote counts with precision. There is NO EXCUSE, none, zero, not to have paper ballots that cannot be easily duplicated or forged, and not to demand voter ID.

It's quite possible we have not had a fair election since 2006 when this, as I recall them saying, first came on-line. If you doubt the possibility of voter fraud, please watch this.

I will note as well that, on their account, the guy who put this in place was a REPUBLICAN, who worked for the "plumbers" under Nixon.

Voter fraud is never OK. If it can be done by one side, it can be done by the other. And in a race to the bottom, Republicans will always lose to Democrats, who live there already.

I really hope Donald Trump simply wins easily and we don't have a national nightmare of fighting over the results of the election because so many people have failed COMPLETELY to do their FUCKING JOBS, and put in place a serious, credible, 21st century voting system.

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