Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wet Work

John Podesta referred to "wet work" in one of his emails a couple days before Antonin Scalia's death, with that of course being a code word for assassination.  I thought initially "there is no way".  It seemed too far fetched.

But watch the three videos linked here.  They are amateur, but focus not on the delivery, but the content:

John Podesta seemingly had, and presumably has, obsessions with both cannibalism and young girls.  That is not right.  Would someone capable of putting a picture of cannibalism on his office wall--and who when asked about it say "it's better to be the one with the fork than the one being eaten", or something close to that--not be capable of being an accessory to murder?  Why not?

This stuff makes me sick, but it seems to be real.  When I talk of Cultural Sadeism, I literally think some of these people read Sade for ideas, and certainly for inspiration.  These people exist.  Do not doubt it.

And on that note, how is it POSSIBLE that world leaders are not disgusted by the decades long cruelty and repression Castro visited on the Cuban people?  They were enslaved, tortured, and put in boxes which they were forbidden by law to label boxes or to complain about.  They were forced to suffer in silence within a sea of eyes watching them.  The Cuban regime is horrifying, and so much worse than anything Battista attempted or even contemplated that any comparisons would be absurd.

Fuck Fidel Castro.  He is even now getting his just punishments.

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