Saturday, November 19, 2016

Where are the psychologists?

I was watching this great video on the 5 greatest challenges facing African Americans, and it occurred to me "where are the psychologists in the political arena?"  Most all of them lean hard Left, because rhetorically that is where most of the compassioning, and empathying, and hugging and crying is, but how many of them, in their own practices, would validate across decades self pity and the victim mentality?  How many of them would ENCOURAGE people to become martyrs?

How many of them would encourage people in unhealthy codependent relationships with the victims?  How many of them would say it's perfectly OK to parent your undeveloped child like they were 5 across a lifetime?  How many would say it's perfectly OK to treat grown adults like children, provided you can convince them first that they are helpless?

How many would validate fits of destructive rage of the sort seen particularly in Portland, where most of the destruction--as indeed many locals have pointed out--is directed at people who AGREE WITH THEM?  That is the same thing that happened in Ferguson, where most of the rage--the amygdala hijacks, the unregulated limbic system activation--was directed at the homes and businesses of fellow blacks?

How many of them would accept as healthy grown adults treating the Federal Government as Santa Claus, and the act of voting like handing Santa your Christmas list?

What is pathological in individuals is pathological in societies.  As above, so below.  Self similarity.  Fractals.

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