Friday, November 4, 2016

Why so stupid?

I think many ordinary Americans, used as they are to a reliable power grid, water coming from their faucets, smiling faces on their TV's, cars that start, freedom from violence, grocery stores filled with food, etc. have come to where anyone suggesting anything unpleasant is regarded with suspicion and fear.

The crimes of Bill and Hillary are plainly so large, so inconceivable, that most people simply cannot believe they are true.  If they were true, the media would tell them they are true.  But the media isn't doing that.

Yes, they are a bit anxious.  They know there is a large stink, and their gut--if they still listen to it-tells them these people are rotten to the core.  But they don't want to know that.  They don't want to think that.  It is supposed to be a heart warming moment, of the sort they celebrate on daytime womens' shows, when the first woman becomes President.  Aren't they supposed to want that?  Has not a lifetime of conditioning led them to want this more than anything?

I have no idea if we will survive all of this, but my oldest has been saying for some time that a major disaster would likely be good in the long run for most Americans, certainly the current college generation, which is decadent, stupid, complacent, and deplorably ignorant about virtually everything. Their emotions and views are superficial, their loyalties highly mutable, their minds weak, and their sense of entitlement strong.

I feel like bitch-slapping the world sometimes.  It is regrettably a bit too big, and in any event, it would not understand.  Stupidity is the problem, and all you do is weaponize stupidity when you treat it with aggression.  Nobody gets smarter, but they do get more violent.  Everybody walking down every street in America and every other country is secretly convinced they are a fucking genius.  Dale Carnegie said this, in so many words, and he was right.  He didn't say that is how it should be.  He just said that is how it is.

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