Monday, December 26, 2016

Aleppo and the Obama Principle

I asserted in 2008 that any citizenry capable of electing Barack Hussein Obama was capable of believing anything.  I will now call this the Obama Principle.  The idea is that our media, by and large, has in fact gone the Soviet route and that they LITERALLY act as propaganda organs of the Democrats.  As one obvious example, Obama never furnished a legally valid birth certificate in 8 years--despite being asked to do so repeatedly--and the media propaganda around this was so effective that pointing it out gets you branded a kook, even by alleged moderates.

It seems clear he was not even a US citizen when he was elected.  He was and likely remains technically an Indonesian.  He is likely here illegally.  But nobody wants to ask those questions.

Be that as it may, I would like to assert that the propaganda offensive around Aleppo should scare the shit out of all of us.  What seems to have happened is that we trained and armed large numbers of violent Muslims who fairly quickly "purified" their ranks to include only people sympathetic to Al Queda. Al Nusra, as one example, seems to have been a main "rebel" force in Aleppo, and it was revealed today that they treated the civilians in their area horribly, and seem to have used them as human shields, which is why the civilian casualties were so high.  They more or less kept everyone in their area of operations on lockdown, so that any Syrian/Russian offensive was bound to get more civilians killed, that they could point to for propaganda purposes.

I want to be clear: these are the people we allied with.  We armed and trained AL QUEDA, and when it began to appear likely they were going to lose, the government, and its propaganda arm went on the offensive, to beat the war drums for us to intervene on their behalf, even if it meant a global war with Russia.  Ponder that.  Ponder those priorities.  Ponder WHY any sane person would want to replace a bloodthirsty thug like Bashir Al Assad, with people ten times WORSE?  Why would any sane person risk nuclear war for that aim?  What is really going on?  Can you see that it is not a desire for American security, global peace, or humanitarianism?

It really does seem to me that our government under Obama, and perhaps even under Bush, has been bought by the Saudis and their allies.  The SAUDIS want Assad out so they can build a natural gas pipeline to Europe. They also want their brand of Islam expanded and consolidated.  They are likely behind nearly all Islamic radicalism in the world, at least that which is not funded by Iran.

January 20th can't come soon enough. I think God daily that the American people retained enough sense to steer very clear of Hillary, who would have ruined this country completely.

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