Tuesday, December 13, 2016


The core allegation with regard to the Russians is that they were the ones who hacked John Podesta, and released his emails.

They had nothing to do with James O'Keefe, and the resulting firing of the core of the Democrat dirty tricks team.  They had nothing to do with James Comey reopening the email probe, with Anthony Weiner propositioning an underage girl, or with Hillarys criminal background, utter lack of charisma (most people would pay NOT to hear her say anything), record of continual and long term lying about virtually everything, her failed policies in the Middle East (which she also lied about), or with Obama's piss poor record on nearly everything.  Most Americans hate Obamacare, have seen the worst recovery since the Great Depression, feel our nation has become weak and despised internationally, and overall have rejected the DEMOCRATS period in a record number of States, in addition to returning Republican Majorities in both houses of Congress.

Most Americans did not want to go to war with Russia over non-existent American interests in the Middle East.  Indeed, many of us who have studied the issue believe that getting us to do Saudi Arabia's dirty work for them was a core reason they funded roughly one fifth of Hillary's campaign, in a blatant effort to fix the election for her.

And with regard to Podesta, the major revelations had to do with the dirty tricks played on Bernie--tricks Hillary plainly endorsed, since she immediately rehired the disgraced Debbie Wasserman Schultz--and the long term and successful efforts by the Democrats to manipulate the media in favor of Hillary.

From this toxic brew, we are being asked to believe that the REAL story is that the Russians, in revealing the sheer extent of Democrat corruption, somehow tilted what WAS a balanced playing field.  Bullshit.  They revealed how utterly unbalanced and crooked the media was and is; how it is a de facto propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

And that is if we even believe they did the hacking, which I don't.  Steve Piezcenik has gone on record as saying it was AMERICANS, and this is vastly more credible.  Why in God's name would anyone who loves this country want that lying, cheating, backstabbing bitch in charge of our security and safety?  She treated our secrets with absolutely contempt, our troops likewise, and lied about all of it, and GOT AWAY WITH IT as far as most of the media was concerned.

We have a HUGE issue with fake news, and all of it is coming from the people spreading this fake news meme.  It is a propaganda trick cooked up in a back room by people who knew and know exactly what they are doing, and is thus clinically and precisely Orwellian.  It is a message created by aspiring authoritarians, for whom the notion of truth is completely empty. Truth for them is what works, and what works is truth.

Again, that so many people COULD fall for this bullshit is unbelievable to me.  How do we fix so much stupid?

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