Saturday, December 24, 2016

Domestic terrorism

As a general rule, Leftists describe the inner workings of their minds when they offer "descriptions" of the Right.  Everything awful within their own twisted minds they project onto us.  We are not saints, obviously, but we are not black hat wearing villains either.  We are human beings, with complexity and diversity which the ideological Left denies.

[Note on method: As I have said before, when I treat the Left as homogeneous, I do so because it is not an accident of birth, but a chosen religion, one which stipulates conformity as a primary and ineluctable virtue, something which is not the case on what is called the "Right".  This demand for conformity does in fact make it possible to make general statements about them, and to the extent my general statements do not apply, it is because that person is in fact doing a bit of independent thinking.  Such people in most cases do warrant being called liberal, because productive conversations are possible.]

Be that as it may (and I recently realized that I write like I eat: I always try to get too many words into each sentence; it is perhaps a flaw--certainly a flaw in eating!!!--but it makes me happy.  I no doubt would benefit from some instruction both in grammar and etiquette.  Another day, perhaps.) it does seem to me that we saw predictions of "right wing" or domestic terrorism throughout the Obama years, for which there was no basis, but which did accurately portray the inner workings of Democrat minds.  The DHS, which seems to have been corrupted sufficiently to have attempted to hack voting machines at least in Georgia, seems to have dedicated a lot of resources to monitoring Americans who hated Obama.

For their part, no matter how great their fear, most ordinary Americans understood that Obama WANTED violence on the part of white people, so that he could justify further encroachments on our civil liberties.  What terrorism we saw was Islamic terrorism, which was consistently mislabeled for patent political purposes.  White terrorism was the only kind they wanted and needed, and by and large they didn't get it.  The one good one they got they used to suppress the Confederate flag and all monuments to the Civil War erected by the South.  Effectively, they used it to create an anti-white propaganda offensive, and to normalize anti-white rhetoric, which had been percolating in the universities for years, in the public sphere.

But the riots in Portland and Oakland and elsewhere showed an immediate impulse towards violence, violence which is always just below the surface in Leftists.  This anger, this hatred, this disgust with America is not going to disappear.  They are not going to accept Trump as President.

Thus I predict that we will in fact see instances of terrorism by Leftists in coming years.  It will likely be incompetent, incomplete, and perhaps even childish, but their egos have been too bruised to let this thing lie, the way adults, the way conservatives, would and in fact did.

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