Friday, December 30, 2016

Egalitarianism again

At root, if I might use a bad combination of metaphors, the egalitarian impulse--and it is an EMOTIONAL impulse--is a pruning, not a fertilizing, a reducing, not a growing, a destruction not a creation.

As s vehicle for the expression of latent anger in the name of good it is perhaps unsurpassed. Manifestly it has utility across virtually all human cultures.

But we can always ask: what are you trying to build? If they answer " a more just society" we can ask: and how are you planning to enrich and fulfill the inner worlds of each individual in that society, such that life becomes a blessing beyond mere things and small comforts?

They have no answer to this question, if they are honest. It is not a human world they seek to build, but a mechanical one.

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