Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Electors, again

Ponder the nightmare of going through each and every election cycle for the rest of the life of the United States wondering if the Electors are going to go AWOL on their duties as citizens and human beings.  Ponder if large numbers of unqualified fools--like this ambulance driver, citing Left wing propaganda, half truths, overt lies, and examples of his own clouded and poor thinking--can simply go any route they choose, even AFTER the American people have spoken, loudly and clearly.

This stupid son of a bitch called Steve Bannon a LENINIST.  Jesus fucking Christ.  I hope he gets run over by a car on the side of a freeway.  I don't know how the hell this imbecile got this job in the first place.  Don't you just KNOW that this whole process, for the first time in history, as far as I know, is going to have to be looked at carefully, because the FUCKING DEMOCRATS DON'T WANT TO ACCEPT THE RESULTS OF AN ELECTION THEY LOST BADLY, BECAUSE THEY ARE OUT OF TOUCH, ARROGANT, ELITIST ASSHOLES?

Assuming we get through this without putting a candidate of the global elites in, like Kasich--who would be HATED and despised by a large segment of our population, with justice, and which would cause widespread, unnecessary violence and chaos--we need to take advantage of the little commented on fact that the States are more Red than they have been in nearly a century, since by my math around the time of Harding.  The Democrats suffered a landslide loss nationally.  They not only lost the Presidency, but failed to make much progress in the House or the Senate.  More importantly, the number of governorship, and State Houses and Senates that are now controlled entirely by Republicans increased vastly.

Here is what they need to do: pass strongly worded laws making it a felony for any Elector to fail to vote for the candidate chosen by their State.  10 years in jail minimum, and forfeiture of all possessions would be my personal vote.  Our system is at stake, because of the fucking Democrats, because of their unwillingness to even attempt for five minutes to care about principles they themselves claimed were sacred and inviolate.

We are dying as a system, as a people.  This is obvious.  We have zombies walking every street of every city, who understand nothing, who believe lies, who value nothing we have created, and who seek to destroy and feed on everything good in this nation.  The death of sanctity, of principle, of reason, of learning from history, haunts us.  All people of good sense and learning can do is try to stave off the darkness as long as we can, and hope that God's light somehow shines down in ways we cannot now imagine.

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