Thursday, December 15, 2016


I read today that Sweden is preparing for civil war, Rome is on the edge of it, and 1,000 Muslims tried to shut down part of London to call for an end to women's rights, gay rights, and freedom of speech and religion.

And it occurs to me the situation is exactly analogous to what would have pertained in the Greeks had placed windows in their Trojan Horse and yelled "we are going to kill you" out the windows as the horse was wheeled in, and the Trojans reacted by saying "those Greeks are such KIDDERS!! Anyway, we don't want to seem judgmental and risk hurting their feelings; and, 24 hours later, their city in flames, the Trojans weeping and saying "how could we have known it would come to this?"

As I see it, barring extraneous factors like a global epidemic, a general scientific epiphany that there is a God and it can be studied empirically (my hope), or some sort of revival from within Islam, either the modern era or the Middle Ages will prevail in Europe. There is not room in the long run for both, and as Mark Steyn argued some time ago, demographics favor the repudiation of women's rights, gay rights, etc, and a return to public execution for all manner of non-conformities.

It seems obvious to me that calls for Jihad and Sharia need to be treated as the very real treason they are. Sharia, where found operating, needs to be treated as sedition. All customs which specifically single out women for differential treatment, and which use violence or the threat of violence need to be classified as "terroristic threatening" and prosecuted as actual assaults. Any mosque with repeated offenses, or which is home to frequent offenders, should be shuttered and destroyed.

It seems obvious to me that many Muslims are also disgusted by the violence and hatred they see in their own, and in much of what they read in the Koran. Islam, at root, is about the sense of peace won by submitting ones behavior to the rule of law, and to absolute fidelity to an Almight God, who is one.

We offer no support to moderate Muslims. If they speak up, they do so at considerable risk, and with little hope of effect. Leftists ignore them because they loathe their own culture, western media is not interested, and the radicals see, name, and punish them if they can.

The core untruth of Leftist discourse is that bigotry is the only possible lens through which to see the world. In this lens, all whites are guilty and all Muslims innocent. That this is stupid and childlike--and inaccurate--should not need to be said to anyone, but it remains the worldview of most academics.

Seeing the world as it is, and applying principles WE DEVELOPED, like that of universal human rights, is the first step in the also needed Western cultural reform. We have so many good things to offer the world. Our collective suicide is not one of them

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