Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fake news

What, really, is the point of pointing out that the many networks and publications who lied to get Hillary elected do not somehow constitute credible sources now that their lies have been exposed?  Does any sane person need to be told that?  No, of course not. And the rest can't be told anything.  Regrettably, "the rest" constitutes a rather large number.

I will comment here simply that the current head of the CIA was a Communist in 1976, not too long before the CIA hired him.  He was asked to choose between Ford and Carter, and chose instead the Communist.  Ask yourself: is Communism an evanescent thing among diligent, disciplined, intelligent young people?  Was Communism an obviously desirable alternative to what we might broadly call "Americanism" in the immediate aftermath of the chosen loss of the war in Vietnam?  Did good things happen to the South Vietnamese, or the Cambodians?

What seems more likely: that Brennan had a moment, then became a solid and staunch believer in the American Way; or that he had an epiphany, that he could undermine the "American Way" THROUGH the American way, by becoming a Fifth Columnist?

Fuck the CIA.  With luck, Trump will eviscerate them.  Me personally, I would fire everyone promoted under Obama, fire Brennan, fire everyone he ever so much as had coffee with, and put in place career military whose loyalty to America, our Constitution, and our ideals, was beyond doubt.

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