Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fake news

As I think most intelligent people have noticed, the Left, when running a coordinated propaganda offensive, likes everyone to use the same tested, evocative but vague words.

What are some synonyms for what they intend with the latest assault on truth and decency?  Alternative viewpoints.  False opinions.  Dissenting opinions.  Unorthodox ideas.  Unconventional ideas.  Untested ideas.  Unapproved ideas.

This makes the whole thing a bit more clear.  It is worth, perhaps, noting as one example among thousands, that the same people who want to tell us they have the only real news predicted a resounding victory for Hillary as late as several hours into the election coverage.  It was almost comical watching the New York Times prediction literally invert.  But it really wasn't funny.  People telling lies about serious issues is not funny.  And it is even less funny that now that they have been outed, they are doing everything in their power to achieve full propagandistic control of all media. It's not working, any more than their shameful agitating for Hillary did.

Thank God Trump is going to be our next President, though.  All of this was in the wings with Hillary--she already had her sights set on Drudge and Breitbart--and we are seeing even now, with the unprecedented efforts to bully the Electoral College into betraying the American people, how fully they reject the very ideals of democracy.  There is no good there.  There is nothing kind, gentle, understanding, loving, compassionate, or honest.

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