Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I discovered something by accident last night: I both have the capacity for, and the need to express, pure, unadulterated hatred.  We read, of course, daily, that hatred is bad.  This is no doubt true.  But it is in my view equally true that suppressed hatred, suppressed rage, suppressed outrage and disgust, does not go away.  There is no magical drain which makes crimes which infuriate psychologically normal people simply disappear.

It is wrong, obviously, and unhealthy, to get STUCK in hatred, but it is equally wrong, and psychologically imbecilic, to PRETEND--to make up little games like you play with children--that you are so superior that you are beyond that.  Fuck that.  All of us have images of smashing someone's skull in from time to time.  This is OK. It is normal.  What is not normal is forcing this anger so far inside that you are ALWAYS nice to a fault.  And what is not normal is feeling rage ALL THE TIME, like they do on the Left.

It's good.  And fuck these mother fuckers, once again. I hope they drink Drano, crack their heads open on slick sidewalks, and have aneurysms by the thousands the day Trump takes the oath of office, and all their tricks come to an end, for the time being at least.  I mean it.  I really do.

And ponder what any psychologist would make of someone who sees images of hateful racists in literally every image in the Rorschach deck.  These are the same people attacking Trump supporters, burning cars, and calling everyone who disagrees with them "white supremacists".  They see people everywhere who want to impose their will on others--against the will and choice of those others--using violence, threats of violence, legal coercion, and social shaming.  Who else might that apply to?  And how did these images wind up on EVERY CARD?   Did white supremacists create the deck possibly?  Time for another violent protest.

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