Monday, December 5, 2016


This morning I felt keenly the loss of myth in our society.  Comic books serve some of this role; radical politics--comic-like in their oversimplifications, their simple dichotomies of good and evil even while they reject traditional virtues, and traditional notions of good and evil--more.

But we need community, we are wired as social animals, and myth is a principle means by which groups of people gather together confidently.  Myth elected Trump--not myth in the inferior sense of something which is not true, but rather in the better sense of something which is absolutely true because it is the representation of the beliefs of many.  Most of America believes in fair play, hard work, doing the right thing, treating people as they want to be treated, the rule of law, the possibility of progress, of the "American Way".  All of these things are attacked viciously and continuously on nearly every college campus, by most media outlets, and in the Obama era, by our putative leaders.

Channeling Lincoln in a very different context, I feel how frail must be any attempts to beguile the Left from their foolishness.  They have a myth, and we need, as people, myths.  How does one reach the lost?  What is the point in telling them they are lunatics?  

I don't know.  I honestly don't know.

But I will comment that I have not seen it mentioned that Jill Stein arguably cost Hillary the election.  In the close States, Trump won by less than the number of votes cast for Stein, or so I understand.  Perhaps this was why some part of her felt a need to "make things right".  It was obviously a misguided and stupid impulse, but she has shown herself unserious, flippant, and more than a little politically imbecilic.

I will add that in the very unlikely event enough Electors flip to change the outcome of the Election, a lawsuit would be immediately forthcoming alleging both that large scale, blatant, public intimidation played a role, and that the Obama Administration failed entirely to perform its duty in ensuring the safety, and sense of safety, of the Electors, in the protection of the integrity of our system.  Constitutional chaos would ensue for a LONG time, and I really think such a betrayal would see people getting shot.

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