Monday, December 5, 2016


After all the fucking tricks the retarded, lunatic, hateful, venom-dripping Left has played and continues to play, I have to say my patience is at an end.  I want hateful things to happen to them, often.  I want every person at Standing Rock to be put in jail, and the fucking pipeline rammed right through exactly where it was supposed to.  I sincerely hope so-called gay "rights" are rolled back, that all Executive orders pertaining to men using women's bathrooms are reversed completely and totally, that women are pulled from ground combat jobs, and that all the lunacy these assholes have perpetrated on this great nation are rolled back and that they are left screaming like the petulant children they are, and thereby revealed to more and more eyes as uncreative, unproductive, and ultimately unwanted and unneeded by the people who run this country, who created it, and who have continued to make it work despite continual efforts across decades by these organized criminals to run everything good we have created into a ditch.

What is going on is not moderation.  It is not thoughtful.  It is not temperate.  Quite the opposite.  Nobody has ever tried to extort the Electors before into changing the votes their duty requires them to render.  Nobody has tried to reverse a State where the vote was not close.  Certainly, nobody has had the unmitigated chutzpah to make accepting the Election result a campaign issue--claiming not accepting the results is an "assault on our Democracy"-- then commit every possible crime against the smooth transition of power.

What seems to be happening is a two pronged approach.  On the one hand, they may flip 15-20 Electors (and not have principled Hillary Electors flip in the other direction and vote for Trump, which is what the fuck I would do if I were reading the news and feeling profound shame at the antics and loss of direction and principle of my party), which is not enough, but if they can flip Michigan or Wisconsin, it gets close.

All of this still seems unlikely, but even though the American people have short attention spans, I do feel that many, many, many people are watching this farce and concluding--many of them reluctantly--that whatever claim the Democrats once had to being the party of the working man, the minority, the poor, they have lost, and show no sign whatever of regaining.  They are liars, thieves, cheats.  This much is clear.  No hyperbole is needed: these are factual statements.  Remember Debbie Wasserman Schultz was Hillary's honorary campaign chairman.  Remember that the Clinton Foundation is still under FBI investigation, and that the new Attorney General can be expected to do his fucking job, unlike the political hacks Obama has appointed who have ignored law breaking at the highest levels, and even now are not raining down justice on the those threatening the integrity of our electoral process.

Remember Hillary's oft-repeated promise to honor the results of the election.

Oi.  The stupid.  It hurts.  I don't know how people get that dumb.  Yes, I suppose I do, but I don't know how they STAY that dumb.  It takes effort.  It takes will.  It takes determination, all of which merit the contempt of decent human beings everywhere.  Fuck all of them. I wish them disaster, failure, disease, and death.  I curse them.

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