Friday, December 16, 2016

Note to Martin Sheen and his ilk

Did you motherfuckers give a rats ass when conservatives explained all the reasons they opposed Obama?  No, you motherfuckers called everyone who didn't kowtow immediately to your Commie propaganda a racist and whatever else was handy to tack on.

Why should the REPUBLICAN Electors, not counting the meatstick who lied about responding to 9/11, needs to be fired, and who was likely never a conservative in the first place, give a flying fuck what all you butthurt assholes believe now?  You lost.  Fucking deal with it, the way you would have DEMANDED we deal with it if America had been stupid enough to elect that dishonest, treasonous cunt.

No, I am not feeling generous, and I suspect I have a lot of company.  You sons of bitches should have just said "OK, we lost", like EVERY OTHER losing party in the history of this Republic.  Your disgustingness is particularly pungent NOW, though, since you swore to "accept the results of the election".  Hey douchebag: that's not what it looks like.  Go sit in a fucking hole somewhere and ask people to pour dirt on you until it all feels better.  For the rest of us.

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