Saturday, December 31, 2016

Obama and the gift that keeps on giving

Given that Hillary's poll numbers were manifestly cooked, why couldn't Obama's approval numbers be likewise cooked, for example by oversampling in large cities?  I read in his 8 years Democrats have lost over 1,000 seats, net, across the country, including those in Congress.  Remember that when he was first elected in 2008 Democrats held both houses of Congress.

He has been nothing short of a disaster, but the Democrats can't let go of him, and the left wing utopian dreams of control and power and oppression that he represents to them.  Keith Ellison would be disastrous as the next DNC chair, but that seems to be the direction they are going.

Ideologues are inflexible in certain areas, and the thing is to awaken to reality, they would have to lose their left wing pipe dreams, and they just can't do that.  They can't admit they have been living for decades in a miasma of foggy thinking, factual misunderstandings, impudence, assumption, GroupThink, and continual failure (with respect, of course, to their claimed goals; in respect to getting power, their failures are quite recent, and record of success quite long).

So you have this spectacle of Obama being soundly rejected by voters in the election, and a Democrat Party that wants MORE, not less, of what was rejected.

We can only sit back and applaud.  Their options are waking up, or disappearing.  Both are good for the future of the United States and the world.

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